For the Reckless and the Damned. Weak Works Here Too So Jump On In….If You Dare

Flying by the Seat of my Pants should be the title of this escapade. Does this program have spell check? And does it auto correct? I surely hope so, as intuition far outpaces the analytical in my progress here, which usually transpires in my collective unconsciousness of combination Artist/Storyteller.

As an artist and painter I find my writing defies logic and my fiction passes into other dimensions. (Thus the necessity to paint.) So I often lace fickle facts and fiction together, loosely, of course, to protect my sanity and to create a verbal bath of WHATTHEHELISTHIS.

Enter this portal if you dare.but only if Wormholes are in your comfort zone. I heartily invite you to share in my struggle to comprehend, or maybe just blink my way to Nirvana. Seek and Ye Shall ——–DOES ANYONE KNOW……Please share.

HOW TO CREATE WEALTH BY USING THE BASIC PRINCIPLES BEHIND THE BATHROOM TOILET PLUNGER. Find out in my upcoming escapades. Still trying to formulate the title. Please vote:

A. The Principles of Suction to Attract Wealth
B. How to Transmute S&$@ Into Gold
C. How Any Day That Sucks Works for Me.

I am currently happy now. It is a beautiful Sunday, so everything good is being ripped right off the Walmart shelves as I speak, and is hurtling with incomprehensible velocity in direct projectiles down the street of my suburban location to the very epicenter of my core existence. Which makes me query ever so quickly, does anyone out there know where I can procure a fabulous strainer? Because I think I might need one. Excuse me while I go fine tune my high powered toilet plunger and work on it’s ever difficult to control suction selector indicators.

Be on the lookout for my upcoming books of incomprehensible beauty and ridiculocity of which my life constantly unfolds like tireless unlaundered bed sheets, providing forevermore an eternal source, a reliable showering fountain.

With peace, love, blessings, and of course, plenty of s$&t too,

Jan K.


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