Obama “Change is Coming at uzoMa” House Meeting


Fiber Art goddess, Penny Sisto finished this piece titled “Obamessiah” in the wee hours of the morning on Thursday, right before the opening Friday, Dec 5th.

As a person that likes to hang out in the realm of possibilities and hope, even when things seem a bit dire, I was excited that any person in the country, if they wanted to, could be a part of grassroots change and host or attend a “change is coming” house meeting. Check out www.barackobama.com.

Also, I found the format to be amazingly feminine.  Go Obama!  What a smart man.

The president-elect is encouraging small groups of real people all over the country to get together informally over a cup of tea or java this weekend to discuss issues that concern them and to plan some concrete action.  Imagine, then, anyone–ANYONE–can actually have a voice and and a means to provide immediate feedback…

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