Images: Top left: Collage by Janis Kirstein, mixed media. Top right: Photograph  by Cindy Manero. Drawing below: “A Walk in the Park,” Digital image by Janis Kirstein

A Walk in the Park

Janis Kirstein

Today I saw a comment on a piece (shown above left)  about my art work that got me thinking how much I miss my summer walks in our local Cherokee Park.

Here’s the quote: “I see it as a walk in the park. Subject to interpretation, I’m sure….but very creative.” The comment was by fellow artist and new friend from Fine Art America, Cindy Manero She was speaking of my collage above left.


A walk in the park is just what is missing from life right now! How I miss tromping through the woods of our local park in Louisville, Ky., Cherokee Park, designed by Fredrick Law Olmstead. He is also the miraculous designer of New York City’s Central Park.

I was really interested to read that Law Olmstead, with all of his great design ability tragically suffered at the end of his life with Alzheimer’s and lost the abilities as is associated with that disease. No wonder my friend and I, who’s mother also suffers from Alzheimer’s, considered it an invigorating challenge to find our way in Cherokee Park every day. This was our final exam each day: If we could still find our way on all the looping organic paths that made up the very complex map of Cherokee Park, then we were still cognizant and adequately alert! –Out of the Woods, so to speak!
When Are Your Most Creative Moments? What can you do to cultivate more creative moments? Does the outdoors stimulate you? Make you feel connected to the universe? To all of nature? Place your comments below and let me know your most creative times, and what you were doing right before or during those times.

For an example, my husband often has great ideas when he is in the shower. Only trouble is, the bigger his ideas, the more hot water he uses, and I have to take my shower later. And no, I am not going to try a COLD shower to generate ideas!

One of the things I do that can often generate ideas is walking in the woods, or in the park. Oh now we’re back to that!

Once you break through the creative barrier, one idea leads to another leading to another. Being connected is important for generating ideas. Being connected to nature, to the universe, the right side connected to the left side of the brain. There are many brain entrainments on disc now that you can listen to to encourage changes in the brain for further connectivity between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. I am now trying one disk from Holosynch. The effects on my thought process has been notable with greater clarity of thought and connectivity of innovation connecting with logic.

I think I’ll keep listening. And walking. And blogging. See you next time.
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