How to Take Care of a Young Dog

About the painting shown above: I love pets, and I create original acrylic on canvas pet portraits on commission. I work from photos, and the beagle mix shown here is Bagel, my latest subject. He is the reigning star at owner Bruce Tasch’s home. Bruce commissioned me to paint Bagel for his wife as a gift and now the acrylic painting hangs in their dining room.

Now Back to the Story….

How to Take Care of a Young Dog

Here’s one way to make me finally clean up the kitchen: just frantically run up and down the countertops, ripping and shreading soft drinks, water bottles, water pitchers, silver polish, medicine bottles, oranges and tomatoes pell mell into the floor with gleeful abandonment.

This is what my very industrious Airedale, Jett, did for me when he broke out of his caged door,escaping from his own private bathroom into the kitchen this morning.

Imagine my dismay when at 6:00am I walked into smashed blueberries, grapefruit rinds and various other garbage artifacts hanging precariously from kitchen cabinet doors and lampshades alike. All this had been thus thoroughly exhumed for me on this bleak, still pitch black morning of January.

In the one hour it took to clean the kitchen, I realized:

  1. If I want to share with you, my readers, how to care for dogs, I might need to review my own methods!
  2. The kitchen really needed cleaning anyway. I had just kept putting it off.
  3. The greatest on-line dog training EVER miraculously appeared for me as soon as I resumed a dog trainer search on the Internet. And here’s what I found: What a great on-line course, by dog trainer Susan Garrett. Her website is: and her first three lessons are free.So from my most harrowing experience, I would like to pass on this most useful information, and alert you to stay tuned to Jett’s progress once I put him in the program.If you have any questions about the portraits I do, please feel free to email me at: If you have any questions about the future of Jett’s home life, please do not ask, as I am not yet ready to discuss this.Which reminds me. Excuse me while I go check on Jett who is currently locked solidly into his bathroom with the door shut. The inability to see his current actions is always detrimental to my sanity. As my husband and I always say, “It’s better to see and know, than to not see and remain clueless.”Have a wonderful Martin Luther King Day.

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    • janiskirstein

      Yes, I was just getting a start on my blog when I wrote this, and I was writing about daily occurrences. Not much about art there, just about life. Thanks for you thoughts! And thanks for reading !


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