What a Perfect Gift for the Pet Lover


It’s raining outside, and by the relentless drone of falling water,  I am forging ahead. On this blog and whole website, that is.  I call it an adventure.  I call it a portal of ever expanding possibilities. This is my blog, and this is my website.

Before I forget, let me introduce to you the reason I began this session of writing to you tonight, on such a rainy dark streak of soddened-filled time.

The reason for my epistle is to inform you of the gift you could give to your most ardent pet lover.  This note is written for you to learn that there is more than one way to protract a portrait of someone’s favorite pet.

The first way is to go ahead, commission a 16″ x 20″ stretched canvas acrylic painting of the prized subject directly from me. I will promise you a fine work. I will take your email, your address, and create a work based on a photograph you provide of the subject.

The second way is a bit more affordable. You can receive a print of a digital painted portrait by Janis Kirstein FOR FREE if you buy a print by Janis Kirstein at the website: janis-kirstein.fineartamerica.com.com.   By the end of February. See  the details here:


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