Have you ever tried to imagine that the sky was the ground and the ground was the sky? If you look at the sky in this way, you can begin to see the cloud formations as land masses, and the blue sky as the sea.


The feeling you get when you make this mind shift is somewhat disorienting, almost dizzying, but very much like the shift that is occurring on a daily basis all around me, as I try to make sense of world happenings, events, and occurrences.


To me, snow falling presents this kind of shift in the way you see everything. As the snow softly sifts down upon everyday objects, a new feeling resonates with the new orientation of a world covered in a blanket of white.


Because it is hard to explain this shift in consciousness in words, I have created a collage of my photographs that presents that shift, the shift of moving into perhaps another dimension, or of seeing common everyday reality with a different context, a different orientation.


Have you ever experienced what it is like to look at something from one perspective, then reorient the context of that event or object and feel as though you have passed “through the looking glass?”


This kind of shift in perception happens all the time in jazz music. The improvisation of most jazz pieces travels a path of ever shifting perspectives though chord progressions,rhythm changes and even tempo variations. If music can show shifting consciousness, then what does that look like in the visual world?


Can you think of an experience you may have had that changed the way you look at your everyday life? If so, please share your thoughts. I would love to hear them!

What’s really fun is to imagine this piece in an interior space. This image is created from cutting and pasting the photo collage image into a photograph of an interior space, using Photoshop.



  1. Jay Kratz

    This is great, Jan ! I love that you’ve managed to leverage technology while maintaining your authenticity as an artist and educator. Your work has continued to evolve in a very rich way. Keep posting all of your cool work and Congrats on staying current, purposeful and innovative. This is so inspirational to us “want to be” artists with credibility and validation !

    Liked by 1 person

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