Celebrate Spring!

Spring is due to arrive this Sunday. We have yet to see whether or not the weather will cooperate with our hopes and dreams of emerging blooms and sweet, tender green grass blades. But, never mind thue weather, because either way, reality brings you Today’s special free gift for you: a digital painting of your fav pet.

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Here’s all you need do:

  1. Just place your email into my subscribe box at the bottom of my webpage on http://www.kirsteinfineart.com and
  2. Email me your favorite photo of your pet. janiskirstein@icloud.com

What a special treat for you and your family! This could even be the beginning of a possible real life acrylic painting of your very best friend. And no, I don’t mean Your hubby! Or homie. Or mother!

I am so excited to get started painting everyone’s best friend–their dog! Or cat, or cow, or horse, or rabbit, or Sphinx, or hamster.

I work in acrylic paint, though the final result is just exactly like an oil painting. I start with a photo of your pet, which you can already have, or I can come over to your pet and photograph them if you live in Louisville. Otherwise, I will work from the photo you send me.

Here with this notice I have added for you a few samples of the next step in the painting process, should you have any desire to proceed to the next step of securing a painted commission of your pet. Your digital painting is free, but taking your digital painting through the steps necessary to create the final art work for you can bring to you a timeless family heirloom treasure, to hang in your most honorable space in your home.

Here is the process. First, I take your photo, and create a digital painting from looking at the photo. I then send this to you for your reactions, observations and recommendations. We communicate at this stage until we are clear that I know exactly what you want. Here are some examples of digital paintings of pets I have made.

imageThis is a digital painting of Jenna Harrod’s cow.


imageThis is a digital painting I did of my cousin’s dog.


Here is what I do next.

I then transfer this image to the final stretched canvas as a finished acrylic painting. The most popular size for this final painting is a 16” x 20” stretched canvas. The surface texture for the final completed painting is a rich three dimensional bass relief of superbly rich natural color capturing the very heart and soul of your little darlin.’

I know who your best friend really is and I just wanted to see what I could do with him/her as a painting. I seem to be able to do especially well with really hairy dogs! Maybe it’s because my husband and I have four such hairy Airedales ourselves.

The little digital painting I create from your photo is yours to keep and just gives you some idea of what I can do, whether or not you chose to opt for a commission. I hope you enjoy your lovely, personal digital painting of your very own pet either way.

Blessings to you on this beautiful day! And please contact me via FB if you are interested in arranging a commission.

Just in case I have lost your email, my email is: janiskirstein@icloud.com or please go to the first page of my website and put your email into my subscriber box at the bottom of the page. http://www.kirsteinfineart.com

After you put your name and email in my subscriber box, I will send you an email reminding you of my email for you to send me your pet photo.

Have a wonderful Spring and be sure to give your pets lots of cool drinking water for the warm months to come!


Credits for today’s images are as follows: 1. Flower photo by J. Kirstein on today’s almost Spring day. 2. Acrylic painting for Bruce Tasch of his dog Bagel. This is the final finished acrylic painting on stretched canvas. 3. This is a digital painting of Jenna Harrod’s cow. Jenna is one of my High school art students who is an avid member of Future Farmers of America. She plans to raise cattle in her career, and currently lives on a farm that tends cattle, and this is her very favorite cow. 3. This is my cousin, Gaye Crowther’s dog she fondly nicknamed “The Little Monster.” Gaye is the manager and owner of a pig farm located on the coast of North Carolina where she is busy managing 600,000 sow.



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