Creative Motivation


Motivation for Imagination

Sitting at the dining room table eating breakfast this morning, I couldn’t help but notice the giant Donald Duck image staring me down with gleeful animation. These are the decorations ensconced upon our table by me for my husband’s 61st birthday.

Seeing Donald Duck reminds me of what I once read about Walt Disney, Donald D.’s illustrious inventor. According to National Art Scholastic Magazine, Walt Disney invented Donald Duck to relieve Walt’s intense loneliness after his brother died at a very early age. Walt was still a youngster when this loss occurred.

Come to think of it, there is something parallel that seems to have emerged in our culture: our love for animation coupled with our tendency to struggle with more loneliness, feelings of isolation and alienation.

One of my friends who is a university professor even offered a course called “Alienation in the 21st Century.” We used to joke about the title, wondering how many people would sign up mistaking the term Alienation as referring to Aliens from outer space. Regardless of the signup results, she had hit upon a real tangible turn in our modern culture. Alienation, and it’s attending loneliness is something everyone shares at some point in their life.

My husband loves the Donald Duck/Mickey Mouse theme as it makes him feel like a kid again. I’ll go with that summation.

As I look at the dangling D.Duck in front of my face, I find it incredible that Walt Disney created something out of a desire to overcome loneliness that ended up resulting in an entire empire.

Quack, quack!

It just goes to show you… You have to start somewhere! And starting with imagination can lead to infinite possibilities, perhaps most especially, when motivated by a desire to move oneself into a better state of mind and heart.


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