Let’s Play the The Collection Game!

Here is one of my very most favorite games I love to play. It involves one of my best fantasies: I am in the midst of the usual strife of each day, trying to stretch time, money and ideas to cover the demands of the immediate future when all of a sudden: vola! I have been demanded to amass an art empire by designing, orchestrating and completing an art collection of immeasurable value for a very high end client.

What would I include? What would I amass?
Well, first of all, I would procure a little thesis, much like I did when I received my graduate degree in painting. I would develop a theme, a propensity, a proclivity.

That proclivity would be that which I know and love the most: abstract painting, or non-objective painting. I could really put together a well informed collection, I believe. So let’s see…
What would be the keystone pieces? Would I want to uncover pieces that no one has ever seen? Or would I choose pieces that though familiar, stand up to the rigors of constant critical surveillance?
Oh yes. The available bank account is from my high end client Warren Buffett. He is my priority, you see, and I have a mighty job ahead of me. I most definately need everyone’s help with this. Are you on board?

Send me your thoughts, suggestions, ideas.




Barbara Gooding

When we get this collection together, let’s send it as a proposal to Mr. Buffett. He needs a new challenge in his life. Agreed? Let’s go for it!

So for a Monday afternoon stroll, I have picked up several desirable aquisitions. Check them out!

And there you have it. Not bad for a Monday. Kind of absolves those Monday blues/blahs, doesn’t it?

Oh by the way, post your vote for your choice !



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