Collector’s Choice: Robert Roth Collage




Robert Roth


Roth juxtaposes the relationship of architectural symmetry as it relates to nature and the open ocean horizon. He blends layers of paint and painted-cut papers, exploring the sensibility of abstraction, utilizing the colorful geometric elements of a Lifeguard house. Each Lifeguard house is different, identified through its varied architecture,color, and graphic markings. Each structure symbolizes and represents a safe haven from Mother Nature. Robert was highly inspired by David Hockey’s Palm Springs pool paintings from the 1960’s as well as the simplicity and color of a Rothko painting.




Roth in studio

About Robert Roth

b. New York, 1965

Roth grew up in the historic seaside village of Cold Spring Harbor, New York. A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Robert studied painting under Thomas Sgouros. He also had the opportunity to study with master, Claes Oldenburg. Robert approaches his work by inventing from nature, “I like to be spontaneous, by abstracting the forms I try to create a sense of mood and atmosphere.” He combines a variety of textures and shapes blended with quick brush strokes to achieve a sense of lost and found. Throughout his travels, he is always recording from life. Roth is also particularly inspired by the likes of Diebenkorn, Rothko, Rauschenberg, Vuillard, Whistler, and Picasso. His paintings are held in public and private collections including, The Ritz Carlton, American Express, The New Yorker, Columbia University and Northeastern University. Robert has received numerous honors including a Silver Medal from The Cleveland Museum of Art and 2 medals from The Hecksher Museum. Robert has exhibited his work in New York City, East Hampton, Santa Fe and Martha’s Vineyard. He spends much of his summers island bound, off the coast of Cape Cod and resides in a 1850’s farm house and studio in northeast, Ohio with his wife, Cheryl (RISD Alumni), and their 2 daughters.


This is the first post in my new Collector’s Series where I discover worthy works of art and share my findings with you, my readers. I give credit to for the material in this issue, including the portrait of Robert Roth as well as images of his collage series “The Ocean Beach.” The photograph of his collage in process is via Robert’s cell phone that he so generously shared with me.

Thanks so much Robert, for allowing you and your work to be the recipient of my first in my new series,  “Collector’s Choice.”


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