Collector’s Choice: LuAnn Ostergaard

My creative spirit is awakened by the beauty I see in naturally occurring patterns and textures. I find beauty in imperfection and often see it in scarred and weathered surfaces.   LuAnn Ostergaard


My images often transcend their original source and become elevated to striking compositions through subtle manipulation – by adding more of the original color captured in the image or creating more contrast to please the eye. I sometimes combine two or more images to create my compositions.

The process used to create my box mounted art prints begins with a digital image. The image is printed with archival pigment inks on cotton hot press fine art paper. The print is mounted on a custom made boxed panel and hand textured with clear acrylic gel medium for a UV protective finish.





Click on tiled images to see enlargements


Click on tiled images to see enlargements



Artist at work

I seek to capture extraordinary, quintessential beauty in compelling compositions of the ordinary.” Luann Ostergaard

LuAnn Ostergaard is a full time professional artist. She shows and sells her work in top juried Art Festivals on the West Coast. Her work hangs in fine homes and corporate environments across the U.S. She has won recognition and awards for her work including Allied Art Gallery’s 2012 Condotta Award for Excellence in 2-D medium, and Washington State University’s Chancellor’s Award, Richland, WA 2009.

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