Collector’s Choice: Miguel Angel Velit 

“Here is my last public sculpture located in Lima, in Miraflores.  The title of the sculpture is ‘The New Column Without End’ and is 10 feet in height. The metal color is inspired by a child’s dream of going to heaven.”   Miguel Angel Velit, Lima Peru.



Currently Miguel is working on KITSCH sculptures with social political elements and messages from the Peruvian present reality.  These pieces have been exhibited at the Bienal Nacional de Lima Exhibition with a “Taxi Cholo” riding though Peru’s reality today.

Miguel Velit’s works are in severals museums, private collections, art magazine articles, Sculpture Magazines, Public Parks and Galleries throughout Peru, South America, Europa, USA, Asia, Emiratos Arabes, Bolivia, Chile, Miami and China.
He is also an accomplished painter, executing large stretched canvas acrylics in a brilliant, robust style as bold and direct as his sculptural pieces.



Escuela de Bellas Artes de Lima 1982

Facultad de Bellas Artes Universidad Católica 1983

Facultad de Bellas Artes La Plata, Argentina 1984 – 1989


1º Premium International Saloon of Sculpture. Stuttgart – Germany 1990

1º Premium Concurse of Sculpture Out of the Doors. Universidad Argentina Ernesto de la Carcova, 1989

1º Premium Concurse of Sculpture School of Art´s Manuel Belgrano, 1989 Argentina

2º Premium Saloon, Mariano Moreno 1989, Argentina

2º Premium Winter Salón of Hullgram. 1990 Argentina

1º Premium Revista URBANIA, Lima – Artista del Año 2005


-Provincial House Chaco Argentina, Buenos Aires. 1990

-Rogelio Irurtia Museum of Art´s- Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1990

-Recoleta Cultural Center Buenos Aires City. 1990

Retornos Precolombinos

-Goethe Institute (Lima-Perú) 1991. 11 Sculptures.

-Biblioteca de San Isidro. 1993 (Lima-Perú). CAL


-Alianza Francesa (1993-1996) Piura, Trujillo, Cuzco, Chiclayo, Arequipa, Iquitos.

-Bohemia Gallery-Lima. 1997


  • Institute Peruvian – Germany – Arequipa – 1997

-Coker Bell Gallery USA South Carolina Spacial Sculptures.

-Obsidiana Gallery – Lima – Experiments.

-Cultural Center Ricardo Palma – Lima 1998

  • Museo Parque Reducto Explosión de Colores – Lima 1999
  • Centro Cultural Recoleta Transparencias móviles y estrellas Buenos Aires, ARG.
  • ICPNA, Lima 2000 Transparencias Móviles y Estrellas. Gallery Juan Pardo Herem.
  • Expirales y territories de colores Lima 2001 Galery Bohemia, Lima
  • Two Artist from Vermont Studio Center Gallery Británico 2002 – Perú
  • Paintings and Sculptures Miguel Velit Gallery Pacific Universitary 2002 Lima
  • Gallery Club Regatas Lima – Paintings and Sculptures 2003. Lima
  • Museum of the Nacion, Five Land Art Installation. Lima – Perú 2003
  • Museum Centro de Artes visuals Chile 2004
  • Gallery Punctum Lima Casas y Castillos de Fuego Lima – Peru 2004
  • Museum Pedro de Osma – Experimentos Inteligentes en Metal – Lima 2005
  • ArtSouth Miami Gallery. Imaginary Maps of Miami 2005.
  • El Doral Convention Center. Imaginary Maps of Miami 2005.
  • O’ Gallery Kentucky Paducah. Imaginary Maps of the World 2005.
  • Imaginary Maps of Lima. Ricardo Palma Cultural Center. Painting, instalation, drawings and video. This exhibition was in Lima, Arequipa, Miami and Fengliang Art College, China 2006
  • Jugando con el metal y el color alrededor de las calles de Lima.

Sculpture in metal, color, paintings, drawings and video. Alianza Francesa, Lima 2006; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Arequipa, 2007.

  • Galería 80mts2. Barranco – Lima, 2008
  • Galería America 92
  • Club Empresarial Lima Peru 2008
  • Museum Bellas Artes. La Plata, Argentina 2009


-Museum of Art. Lima. 1991-1993


-Japanise Cultural Center. 1994

-Promoviendo 1995.

  • ArtSouth Miami Beach Homestead 2005
  • Fengliang Art College, China 2006 – 2007


  • Sun Watch 4mts, 3mts, x 2mt. Materials: Cement, marble, wood, acrilic.
  • Punta Hermosa – Lima 1994 Materials: cement, marble, wood
  • Eco Sculpture UNAP. Iquipos 1995, 4mts x 2.50cm 1.5cm
  • Taurus Nº2 Granite La Herradura Chorrillos Lima 2003

3mt x 1.2 x 1.40m. in Marble 1998

  • Superman Nº 1 – 4,20 x 1,70 x 1,50mt Materials: Metal, Color, cinetic, ArtSouth Miami Homestead, FL.2006
  • Yellow House, Stair and Fortune Wheel – 5 x 10 x 10 Mts. Group Sculpture. Fengliang Art College – Wuning China 2006 Materials: Metal, Color, cinetic
  • Olimpic Plasma TV 2008. Metal, color, Fengliang Art College. Wuning Jiangi China 2007, Dim: 5mts x 3 mts x 2 mts
  • Big Yellow Stair to go to the Stars. 15 mts x 2 mts x 3 mts Metal and Color. Museum MAC, Lima – PERU
  • Big Red Stair and Angel. Dim. 20mts x 3 mts x 2 mts. Fengliang Design University. China 2008


1989 – Festival Sculpture University Carcova. Buenos Aires – Argentina 1er. Prize.

1990 – Concurse of Sculpture in Wood Carwing. El Chaco – Argentina

1991 – Concurse of Sculpture in Wood Carwing Toluca – Mexico

1992 – Simposio Sculpture Camile Claudel. La Bresse – France.

1995 – Simposio Sculpture in Wood Carwing . Hojer Denmark.

2007 – El Bosque Tallado, El Bolsón, Argentina. La Patagonia


  • Europos Parkas, Vilniuis Lithuania – 1996 (Eclipse de Luna) 6mts x 2 1/2mts. Marble. Granit
  • Franconia Sculpture Park. Minneapolis (MN) USA 1997. Installation (Simbols) Land Art 250 x 10 m Stone
  • Sculpture Park Berlin Katzow – 1998 (Simbols of Life)

Group of II Sculpture in metal, colour y cinetic. 8 – 9 – 10 mts x 15 mts.

  • Dunaferr Art Hungria 2000 Blue House, Moon Triangule an Movile (steel) 10mts x 10mts x 7mts in metal, colour y cinetic.
  • Chang Chun Sculpture Park China 2001, Castle of Lights, Granit, Stailess Steel, Cinetic 12 mt x 8mt x 8mts.
  • Valdivia Sculpture Park Chile 2002. Blue house in Valdivia, granit. Metal, color 5mts x 1m x 0.80 cm.
  • Putaendo, Park. Cementerio de las Carretas Chile 2003. Carreta Rayo, Reloj Solar y símbolos primitivos. Installation, metal, stone and wood. 50x50Mt
  • Peatpolis, Emmen Holanda 2003, Sanctuary and Primitive symbols in Peatpolis, Park.
  • Stone Quarry Hill Sculpture Park 2003 New York. Yellow Three House and Santuary.

USA 2003 Wood Metal Colors Cinetic 12mt x 8mt , 8mts.

  • Yuzi Paradise Sculpture Park. Guillin China 2003 – Shangay Sculpture Park Project; Yellow House Star, Flash Swimming Pool and Propeller. Mat.: Metal, Color, Cinetic and Water. Dim.: 15 x 7 x 8 Mts
  • El alto Bolivia 2004 Arco Sur a la Cruz Andina.

(Steel Granit Cinetic Colour) 15mts x 5mt x 4mt.

  • Big Blue Chair to See Over the World. Mat.: Metal, color and cinetic. – Dim: 15 x 7 x 8 Mts – Daguan Park, Kunming – China 2005
  • Valdivia Sculpture Park Chile 2006. Casa, Luna, Escalera al Cielo y 2 Barcos. Metal. Dim: 5x3x4Mts. Five Group Sculpture.

-ArtSouth Miami Homestead – Superman Nº 1 – 4,20 x 1,70 x 1,50mt Materials: Metal, Color, cinetic, , FL.2006

  • Fengliang Art College – Wuning China 2006, Yellow House, Stair and Fortune Wheel – 5 x 10 x 10 Mts. Group Sculpture. Metal, Color, Cinetic.


-Triennale La Plata 1989 Argentina (Inka – Power)

-Bienal of Cornimont. Nancy – France 1992 (Kontiki)

-Biennal Nacional Perú 1998 (Chicha Sculpture)

-Bienal Nacional Perú 2001 (Taxi Cholo Recorriendo La Realidad del Perú)

-Bienale de Beijing , China 2008 (Sculpture for Olympic Games Park)


Vermont Studio Center USA 2001, President Fellowship

Coker college Gallery Universitary 1997

Franconia Sculpture Park Minneapolis

MN 1997. Simbols of life.

Art South Miami Homestead 2005


1.-Museum Provincial of Art La Plata Argentina

2.-Museum de Bellas Artes La Plata Argentina

3.-Museum of Modern Art México Toluca.

4.-Museum of Modern Art Arequipa Perú

5.-Museum Hispano Latino Americano Lima – Perú

7.-Museum of The Nation Lima – Perú

8.-Merchand Bank, Vermont Johnson.

9.-Museo Centro de Artes Visuales Chile

10.- Museum Frai Angelico La Plata Argentina.

11.- Museum de Arte Contemporaneo San Marcos, Lima.

12.- Museo de la nación, Lima – Perú.

13.- Centro Cultural Ricardo Palma, Lima-Perú.

14.- ArtSouth Miami Homestead. FL

15.- Museo Central del Banco de Reserva, Lima-Perú.

16.- Yuzi Paradise Sculpture Park, China.

17.- Museum MAC. Quilmes, Argentina

18.- Museum Bellas Artes. La Plata, Argentina.


Tultepec Mexico, Big House in Tultepec

(Stainless Steel) 4 mts x 1.20 m x 90cm (México, Tultepec, 2004)

The artist and his work


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