Collector’s Choice: Elke Trittel




About Elke Trittel

” I’m a mixed media artist,creating very textured art, using all kinds of materials.” Elke Trittel


 “In a world where so many people can’t have even one imaginative idea, it is so refreshing to run into artwork by an artist who literally breathes creativity. Elke Trittel has so many works of great exuberance, vitality and creativity, that it is hard to select just a few pieces to feature. Her whimsical creatures capture what is right about the world and exhude an uplifting, upbeat feeling of humor, unity and peace. “.  Janis Kirstein



Far from the big cities and traffic jams , deeply in contact with nature, there is a painter, and her name is Elke Trittel.  She became famous, thanks to a 365 days painting marathon .

Each of her art pieces has a new character. Her visionary world is an independent and parallel universe populated by fanciful animals, unusual faces and gigantic flowers.

The artist depicts her figures with great humor, giving them a complete life. She appears to bring them to life so they can come out to play.

Some of her paintings are sculpted using “fibrite” , a kind of interior wall paste that she can model easily. She paints the surfaces afterwards with acrylic paint.

She also uses material such as wires , clay, fabric and recycled objects, combining them all together according to her needs.

Her creative freedom evolves from the agreement of techniques and materials. Her favorite materials are acrylic paint, enamal paint, selfdrying clay, rusty metal, recycled paper, sand, eggshells, wires, buttons, modelling paste, nails, zinc etc

Born in Wolfsburg, Germany, Elke now lives and works in Narbonne, France. She studied at the University of Goettingen.

Thanks to the website:  artdelafibrite.  for the above information.






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