Collector’s Choice: Mark Mellon

Above:  “Sermones Collection.” Conversations with Ourselves.

About Mark Mellon

The art work of Mark M Mellon can best be described as Primitive Surrealistic Abstraction. The art work itself is an ode to humanity’s constant struggle between man and beast, and it’s relationship with itself and it’s place in the universe.

The Artist, Mark M. Mellon has recently taken Residence in Çanakkale, Turkey. A fresh new perspective on work has arrived in the form of figurative works completed in 2016.



Drawings from life translated into abstracted paintings of men and women in Tea Houses and other parts of town capture the beauty of life in Canakkale, Turkey.



Earlier works featuring a variety of creatures reveals Mark’s remarkable creative range and ability to capture the spirit, soul and essence of each animal portrayed through color, shape and texture.

Mostly within a narrow band of neutral color, Mark expresses a wide range of emotion in his characters, whether man or beast. Some of his pieces thrive with an expressionistic presence through a contrast of a few bold colors. Capturing shapes that play off the edges of the canvas leaves the negative space emerging in forms just as unique and compelling as the form of the animal itself.



Click on thumbnails to enlarge.




Click on thumbnails to enlarge


Mark’s work also includes many abstractions.  One example of completely non-objective abstraction is included here, with a splatter of contrasting inks forming bold contrast of pure color and harmonious shape. A trail of delicate textures leaves a trail both accidental  and purposeful in its unerring design.






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