Collector’s Choice: Ali Oppy



About Mystic Sparrow

I am a digital Artist from New Zealand. I have a passion for the fantasy side of things,where i am only limited by my imagination.
I love the challenge of creating where fantasy has no boundaries.
I really have no set themes, as i create to what comes to my mind at the time.I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating it .
Thank you from Mystic Sparrow aka Ali 🙂
Copyright © To Ali Oppy




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I had been wanting a unique name for my artwork but struggled to find one .My dad was the reason I am called “Mystic Sparrow .”  He was a great supporter of my artwork.  When he was in hospital he like to tell all the nurses about my work and tried to sell my prints to them.Sadly he passed on to another planet as he would call it and on the day of his funeral a sparrow flew in and sat on the shoulder of a pallbearer till the end of the service then he flew away.I was told the sparrow was a messenger .Since then the sparrow has been a big part of our lives.So that little mystery sparrow that appeared that day was the creation of my name Mystic Sparrow 🙂

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Every now and then you encounter an artist’s work that seems so amazing that you can’t believe it was made by human hands. The color, detail and texture found in all Mystic Sparrow creations presents a seamless presentation of a complete vision from another world entirely.  Not only are the figures presented in immaculate detail, but their coexisting environments feature a fantastic world of infinite wonder and enchantment.

Any disdain you may have felt for “fantasy art” is immediately dissolved by the sheer power of her miraculous works, each a masterpiece of perfection. Like Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa,” her figures exist as a perfection perfectly matched by its own accompanying universe. I only hope each piece did not take Mystic Sparrow 16 years, like the “Mona Lisa” took Leonardo da Vinci!        Jan Kirstein




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