Collector’s Choice: Patricia Strand


Dreamy, atmospheric works are created from my own photographs. When winter comes, the deciduous trees in the Northwest bare their branches.

Digital art works are created from my own photographs. I use various digital editing techniques, such as painting and textural enhancements.
Infrared Trees With Texture is a piece of digital artwork by Patricia Strand, March 11th, 2016. The digital art has colors ranging from battleship grey to white and incorporates tree, silhouette, and collage design themes.

Patricia Strand

Olympia, WA – United States
About Patricia Strand

Welcome to my art and images.

All prints and products are produced by Pixels.

(All images © Patricia Strand. All rights reserved. Copying and/or distributing without my permission is strictly prohibited.)



Blue Teal Leaf

Closeup of a leaf and raindrop in a Pacific Northwest forest. Image taken along the Watershed Park Trail in Olympia, Washington.

Mystery and magic permeate the images of Patricia Strand. The natural context of each art piece, whether digital, photographic, or painted reveals the quiet wonder of what is miraculously right with a world unmodified and unmarred  by human dominance and ego. 

The colors range from natural teals to flaming red and capture the variable combinations of stark contrast as well as subtle gradations found in nature. Her Waterdrops Series shows us the quiet reflections found in the contemplation of rain on foliage.

A startling beauty rises from the combinations of natural colors and textures saturated in glistening waterdrops.  Quiet is the key. Finding joy in everyday nature is the enlightenment.  Janis Kirstein










Wet Red Leaves – Waterdrops Series

One in a series of photographic works made by superimposing two photographs together. One image contains waterdrops, and the other is made of leaves showing vibrant fall colors of red and green. Blended together, they express the beauty of early Autumn in the Pacific Northwest, when rain starts to fall, and the leaves turn.







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