Collector’s Choice: Joan Fullerton


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About the Artist

Colorado Artist Joan Fullerton

Evocative Landscapes Real and Imagined

“Born into a Wyoming ranch family, I grew up with a deep regard for the natural world.  For me the subtle nuances as well as the awesome power of nature’s beauty, made the solitude of the isolated prairie sacred.  While raising 3 children, I studied watercolor with Edgar Whitney, Frank Webb, Charles Reid and other nationally known watercolorists.  In 1985 I returned to college and achieved BFA and MFA degrees in painting from the University of Wyoming.  I was a college art instructor from 1990 to 2003 in Cheyenne, WY.  And in 2003 I fulfilled a long-time dream when I moved to Taos, NM, to paint full-time.  After 8 successful years in Taos, I am now in the Denver, CO area, painting and teaching workshops.”


morning-song-abstract-landscape (1)


This is a video about Joan’s artistic process. She tells how she works, what materials she uses, and how she builds her ideas, images and layers.


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Joan’s collages and paintings are a combination of abstraction and landscape. It is hard for me to choose which subject matter and style of hers I prefer. The abstract collages show a depth of color, a strong sense of proportion, balance and contrast, as well as a great palate of visual markings.

Her abstract landscapes incorporate tree images as a design element. The tree brances emerge from the abstract layers of paint, moving in delicate, subtle nuances of line and form. Her color palate tends to neutral with touches of dark areas, and flashes of brilliant red, oranges and turquoise.

Her reverence for nature is obvious in her fine rendering of the landscape. Her paint washes combine with dark tree brances to capture a strong sense of space and place in each of her landscape images.

Written by Janis Kirstein



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