Collector’s Choice: Angela Moulton

Angela Moulton


Oil Painting


“I’m a full-time artist and business owner who wants to add more color to the world.  I love swimming and snowboarding and enjoy both city and country life.  I’m inspired by nature and my daily environment, whether a bowl of fruit or a beautiful sunset.


I started painting full time about ten years ago.  I love it!  I would define my art as spontaneous but intentional.  I paint with quick and broad strokes and am not afraid of color.


I hope you’ll take a few minutes to look around my website for a peek into my world, my art, my creative process, and my thoughts on art and life.”  Angela Moulton





Angela Moulton captures the form and personality of the bird with just a few quick brushstrokes. Somehow, those brush strokes meld together to form the exact space and description of the fleeting  creatures in the midst of executing a quick bob, duck or turn of the head.

Each brush stroke is exactly necessary to capture the whole image. No stroke is too much, or not enough. Angela’s loose handling of the oil paint manifests painting at its best, where form, color, line and shape flow in perfect abbreviated bird-essence in each and every image. Her landscapes, animals and flowers carry the same quick, spontaneous essence through essential brushwork and painterly description.

Written by

Jan Kirstein




Art Panels:  From Angela Moulton’s Website


For my small bird paintings, I usually like a smooth surface. So instead of using canvas (which often has a textured surface) I like to use wood panels.

The white panels shown are called gessobord. They are a composite product like masonite. They are factory gessoed with the white surface and are ready to paint on. I really like this product for my paintings.

The boards you see are maple panels. One nice thing about these boards is they have a notch in the back for hanging. So there is no need to frame. Plus the painting stands out, not the frame. So it’s a very simple style. I like the organic quality of the wood also.

But to use the maple panels, I have to gesso them myself. I can’t just paint with oil paint on the surface. So I will apply three coats of gesso. It’s a time-consuming process. But I do like having control of the whole process.

Then I am ready to paint!




Landscapes, Animals and Still Life by Angela





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