Collector’s Choice: Ann Symes


About Ann Symes

 My background is in graphic design which can still influence much of my work.

The oak and beech woodland that surrounds my home offers an endless source of inspiration through its textures, patterns, sounds, scents, shifting light and shadow, the opening and closing sequences of the seasons, the elements, decay and renewal, small details. Rather than using specific subject matter I prefer the environment to be a subconscious influence.


My work evolves as a result of experimenting with different materials and techniques which leads to unexpected discoveries and a resonance. When that stage is reached I can explore and develop it further. 


Mainly I have worked with mixed media or mixed techniques on paper with printmaking sometimes included. At present my focus is more on Japanese woodblock printing (moku hanga) sometimes with added printing techniques.

Language also plays an important part: a word or phrase held at the back of my mind whilst working can often influence and bring more sensitivity to the end result. 

It is always my intention to express sensitivity and beauty through my creative process. 
Having lived in woodland for over 20 years, I have now moved to the centre of the bustling town of Arundel, West Sussex where I opened Gallery57 at the end of March. I have no idea how this new environment will change my work or what will influence it or even how much time I will have to make it. But it will be interesting finding out.








 Brevity, simplicity and natural order delineate the works of Ann Symes. Each delicate texture lies in horizontal or vertical planes of flat rhythms, creating a sense of harmonious orchestration revealed through natural line and form.  Organic shapes flow in rhythms that meld into a complete cosmos of similar though still quite varied pattern. 

The artist’s sense of contrast, harmonious form and undulating line present a visual poetry, a haiku of condensed meaning through abbreviated syllables and phrases. Her work evokes a prevailing sense of peace, calm, serenity and centeredness, a purity of intention and connection.   

Written by Janis Kirstein





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