Collector’s Choice: Diana Mulder


“I have a steady request for dog portraits and now am expanding my subject list and media to include acrylic and plaster.” Diana Mulder


About Diana Mulder


Diana, born and raised in a New Jersey suburb in the shadow of New York City, is a modern day renaissance woman.  She studied Illustration, Graphic Design and Fine Art at Parsons School of Design in NYC.  She started her artistic career with a Southern California commercial design company, eventually forming her own architectural design firm where she worked for many years.  In addition, she continued to pursue her passion in the fine arts.


Depending on the day, you might find her preparing architectural designs for a client, working on a textural painting, or toiling on a new project in her art studio where she spends most of her time these days.  Her passion for the fine arts finds it way into everything she does and her attention to detail is obvious in her professional as well as personal projects.


Diana enjoys using many different materials in her work such as reclaimed wood, industrial and textural pieces, old books and zinc metal.  She is passionate in her goal of creating that which will inspire her clients, students, and friends alike.  This passion has been a life-long pursuit and her greatest joy is sharing it with others whether professionally or just for fun.


Throughout her career, she continued to paint with watercolor and would get requests for dog portraits on a regular basis.    She also exhibited at the Watercolor Society of San Diego gallery and the Good Earth Coffee Shop.  She is  also a member of the National Watercolor Society.


After many years painting with watercolor, she decided to let herself explore as an artist, and found a love for other mediums like acrylic and oil along with plaster, papers and texture.



Diana creates dog portraits with remarkable empathy for her subjects. She manages not only to convey the dog, but the spirit and personality of each dog.


Click on thumbnails to enlarge.


Abstract Landscapes


Click on thumbnails to enlarge.


Diana painting a seascape.


In this closeup of the landscape painting, you can see the wonderful textures found in her work through the use of paint and plaster.

Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

Diana’s paintings of birds and bird eggs.

Abstract and graphic, you can see the variety of textures from the use of multi media.

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