Collector’s Choice: Patricia Oblack


About Patricia Oblack

Life goes through many changes as does the creativity of the painter. With more than 30 years of experimentation, I can’t remember a time in my life when I haven’t been drawing, painting or creating. As I developed as an artist, I branched out to Interior Designers who brought customers requesting decorated furniture, stenciling, murals, faux finishing and much more. Another creative change led me to Chanticleer Pottery where I learned that long hours of repetitious work can sharpen your techniques.
All of the years I spent building a portfolio of painted furniture, Orchid Botanicals & decorated walls has created the backbone for my current work. Pierre-Joseph Redoute’s books educated me in botanicals. The Art of the Painted Finish, by Isabel O’Neil, and Decorative Techniques with Jocasta Innes taught me furniture painting. A chest of drawers – now in London, England – was based on a Neoclassical commode

circa 1770 from a book by Florence de Dampierre, and 2 chest of drawers, now in Paris, France, were completely painted on three sides and the top using Charles Wysocki as my guide. All these years of living with art has given me a rich wealth of experience and exploration in various medias.

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The majority of Patricia Oblack’s paintings are nothing more than little miracles, some more than others. On occasion it’s much like riding a bicycle down a one lane flat road on a sunny day, while others are full of hills, twists & turns, which take her into a dark forest full of witches & wolves…then suddenly she escapes into the sunlight where everything falls into place, the painting appears, finding again, that it all worked out, it’s just magic!






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