Collector’s Choice: Jani Freimann




Peace And Justice

“It seemed fitting to paint the horses with the colors of the American flag considering the title and considering that I am very much a patriot to my country. The horse in the back is Justice because he has his eyes covered. The Greek statue for justice wears a blindfold so she cannot see the bribes being offered to her. This is my version of blind justice.

The horse in the foreground represents peace. Peace and justice are side by side and beget freedom and nothing represents the power of freedom like unbridled horses running.

The red background has a subtle texture to it created by using Saran Wrap. Click on the picture to view through the green high Res box.

The red is a Daniel Smith acrylic color called Venetian Red. When I saw the paint can, I immediately grabbed it. No worries about having a whole quart of this fabulous color. I will use it frequently.” Jani Freimann


Jani Freimann
Port Orchard, Washington

Jani is an award winning water media and graphite artist who specializes in horses and people, but can paint or draw anything.

“I paint with a lot of water. Because of the texture that creates, I decided to make it work for me and I make it part of my style. Embracing the drips and blooms; doing them on purpose with bright colors has been very freeing. It fits my spirited, adventurous personality.

Many times I’ll use my drawing skills by adding pastels and/or India Ink. Sometimes watercolor alone just doesn’t capture the depth needed to tell the story. When pastel or ink is added, it seems to complete certain pieces of art.

‘I will probably forever be adventurous in my art. Lately, I’ve been exploring a new media – water mixable oils.”

Jani Freimann



What thinking process does an artist go through before the final piece, the original piece, of artwork is completed? I sketch out ideas, make notes about what colors I want to use, and what mood I want to portray.

The preliminary sketch is where I try to work out any problems that might arise, create a composition that works with breaks of space, and determine the intended focal point with values or shading (which sometimes changes in the painted version. And by drawing, I have the opportunity to just loosen up.
Through drawing I warm up the drawing muscles and connect myself mentally to the work.

Sometimes, I like my sketches better than the painting. Sometimes, it is a good thing nobody sees them, but me. Those go into my ‘sin pile’ along with paintings that didn’t turn out (I rarely throw away art) until the day comes that they can be used in another way.

A good example of resurrected paintings are my horse paintings: A Cool Morning Breeze and Painted By The Wind. The under painting of those was originally intended to be urban scenes. Here, in this gallery, are some preliminary drawings that were decent enough for others to see. By Jani Freimann





Not only does Jani paint and draw people and horses, but she also paints delightful birds of all kinds. To see more of her paintings and drawings of people, just click on her web site at top of this page. Below you will find more of her animals in a variety of media. Janis Kirstein

Picasso Trigger





This is Watercolor and India ink on watercolor paper. I recently went to Hawaii and snorkeled with many of these beautiful and colorful, tropical fish.

Trigger fish are called triggers because of their boney pectoral and pelvic spines. They use these two spines to lock themselves inside of a hole in a rock or coral. When the sea gets rough or they get scared they can ride out the troubled waters locked away from danger.


Robins, hummingbirds, chickadees, warblers, bluebirds, crows, song birds, birds of prey, chickens, roosters, small birds, large birds…anything with beaks, feathers, wings, and talons and anything that chirps or tweets. A variety of bird art for all bird lovers, bird collectors, birders, and bird watchers.

Female Cardinal 3

Before choosing to paint a Northern Cardinal, I had no idea that the female of the species was so colorful. Mostly because you never see a painting done of them. Usually their male counterpart is painted because of their distinctive red color. Besides the blue/black mask around their eyes, shades of yellow and red are visibly mixed into the expected brown/grey plumage. by Jani Freimann

Crested Croquette Hummingbird. This tropical, crested hummer was a fun one to paint. I like how he seems to be sportin’ a ‘tude, but in a good way that gives him character. Maybe one of his lady friends flew by and he just wanted to impress her.

After painting birds with oils for a while, I decided to try watercolor and India ink again. It went so smoothly (probably because I was using the intended media for Aquabord rather than forces the Aquabord to accept water-mixable oils) and I had so much fun with it that I think I’ll be painting this way for a while again.








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