Collector’s Choice: Danielle Lauzon



About Danielle Lauzon

Danielle Lauzon works mainly on paper. Colors, shapes and lines work together or against each other to create a moment in a tale.

Her tale, and the tale of people looking at her works.

The artist works around a predefined form or fully improvises from colors and forms that take shape on paper and enter into a dialogue. She nearly always finishes her works by drawing lines in pastel which reinforce the suggestion of form or, on the contrary, by introducing elements that cast doubt on any would-be unequivocal interpretation.








Danielle enjoys working with ambiguity. Her colors float, as if weightless, in pictorial space. The present moment, at its shortest, is set down on paper and time stops indeed while Danielle paints. Time, which swirls around us at an ever faster pace, comes to rest in the artist’s studio, stops at last to give her a moment to live in and to let you see the outcome.




Danielle Lauzon is a self-taught painter who lives and works in Quebec, Canada.

She has been participating in a creative painting workshop for 6 years. Having practiced her art for many years, Danielle started to show her works only in 2010.

Danielle Lauzon
Ste-julienne, QC, Canada



Festival REMPARTS d’Azemmour, Maroc, mai 2016
2016 Galerie du Ministère de la Culture, El Jadida, Maroc
2016 Centre d’interprétation multiethnique Rawdon, Canada
2014 Galerie Stuart Hall, Pointe-Claire, Canada
2013 Galerie Kamieu, 11 Boul René…






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