Collector’s Choice: Cristina Del Sol



I had a pet raven when I was nine years old. The day he flew away I was heartbroken. In the years to follow I draw him every day, thinking he would come back, believing in the magic of art.
I’m still looking for my raven “Enrico”, which I also used to call “Cuervi”, till today… He was and continues to be one of my muses, nature being the second one.
Creating art is my passion and spirit. For me is like breathing, this incredible urge to paint that you can’t question, you just have to do it, otherwise you die. Painting is my only means of bringing each day about.
Besides my art, my pets and nature feed my soul.


My work is very diverse as I implement a wide array of mediums such as acrylic, acrylic mediums, Venetian plaster, dry pigments, cold wax, charcoal, oil pastels, oil, and collage. Most of my paintings are derived from the intuitive.
Working with heavy textures of different media and paint allows me to scratch, incise, smooth over, cover and uncover. Like an excavation, the evolving work feels like a discovery. The finished work is a layered accumulation of material and marks creating a history of layers akin to the traces of time and weather that the world and our bodies bear, a tracery of life’s cycles.
This is how life talks to us, leaving traces in objects and nature.



My art is not about reproducing what I see around me, rather the memories and feelings I keep with me from observing the world around me. I paint the essence of things, since everything around us is made up of energy and light.
I am not trying to prove anything, just learning every day.

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I grew up in a small city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I received formal art training from the National School of Fine Arts, completing a Bachelor of Fine Art Honours’ degree.
In Canada I further my art education at “Toronto Art School”, in painting and drawing, and continue till today attending a number of professional development courses to increase my skills and to support my continuing growth as an artist.
I have exhibited in Canada, the U.S and Argentina, with artwork featured in International books, juried art shows and contests. My paintings are in private collections worldwide.

I live in rural Ottawa painting everyday in my third floor studio overlooking the Ottawa River and the Gatineau Hills.

I would like like to give sincere thanks to Cristina delSol for sharing her art works with KIRSTEINFINEART in today’s art feature.




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