Collector’s Choice: Angela Holland


What can’t be said in words
is expressed through color, texture, shape and line.
With these I construct my visual poems,
open portals to an unseen world,
torn from the scraps of discarded pulp
to live again —
to tell a different tale!


My abstract collages, which are constructed in an intuitive manner, are my attempt to make order out of chaos. In the way that our brains seek to find pattern in randomness, I challenge myself to find balance and cohesion among the disparate elements that intrigue me. Bold line, broken text or asemic writing appear next to various patterns and shapes rich in color and texture, that serve as counterpoint. By working on several collages at once I hope to bypass the rational mind and play in the unconscious, where judgment, along with the sense of time and place, tends to disappear. The challenge often becomes one of seeing, rather than doing. I am looking for the beauty that hides within the apparent disorder.


Angela Holland is a mixed-media collage artist living in Santa Barbara, California. A former educator and psychotherapist, Angela has had a lifelong passion for abstract art which has found expression in recent years with a vibrant studio practice.
The Daily Muse featured an exclusive interview with Angela in March 2015. Kolaj Magazine included her in their Collage Artist Trading Cards, Pack 5 and published a large mixed media piece, The Happy Child, in their Exhibition-in-Print, “the Child in Collage” in Kolaj issue #14.

Angela is represented by Nisa Touchon Fine Art —Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her work was featured in their exhibition Small is the New Big, Feb. 29th —April 12th, 2016. Another two-person show, Gestures and Juxtapositions, at GraySpace Gallery, Santa Barbara, runs May 27th to July 10th, 2016.


I would like like to give sincere thanks to Angela Holland for sharing her art works with KIRSTEINFINEART in today’s art feature.







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