Collector’s Choice: Trine Panum


Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

TRINE PANUM is an artist from Denmark and her exhilarating paintings are all very unique works. They are painted with acrylic paint on quality canvases and are characterized by great depth and harmonious compositions. The Color in her universe is full of life and the images roil with high contrast of atmospheric densities and textures.
Within each painting, the feminine moves with the masculine. The immediate mark is spontaneous, but at the same time disciplined, appearing at once both neat and perfectly executed, yet executed in a raw and direct expression. All parts of the painting appear to move constantly with great energy and gusto.

Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

“In Trine’s paintings, coats of paint capture saturated light and color in a swirling movement of atmospheric movements. Depth of texture, mark making and color combine to create a surface laced with abundance and undulating depth. A remarkable exuberance emerges from each canvas’ surface, igniting the viewer with a powerful energy.”

Janis Kirstein

Painting by Jan Kirstein, Kirsteinfineart

I would like to give special thanks to Trine Panum for allowing me to feature her art work on KIRSTEINFINEART.

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