Collector’s Choice: The Artists’s Conundrum

Art piece by Danielle Lauzon

Her Upcoming Exhibition: July 2 to July 26, 2016 Centre multiethnic interpretation (CIM) Rawdon – . Opening on July 2 to 14 to 16 hours The CIM is at 3588 Metcalfein Rawdon.

Danielle Lauzon lives and paints in Ste-Julienne Lanaudière.

Yesterday I sent out a celebratory post reveling in the 100 posts made by the website KIRSTEINFINEART. WITH THAT POST I POSED 5 questions to artists that I thought might interest many of you. Danielle Lauzon gave such a thorough group of answers to these questions that I wanted to share them in a separate post.  So enjoy her share:




Hi Janis

Here are my answers…sorry for the quality of my english. I have to do it very fast since my grand-daughter is at home for the week-end.

1. How do you handle the high costs of submitting,showing, shipping and framing (if your work needs framing)?

*Since I work on paper, I need to frame my works. It is very expensive as you may already know. For small format I use Ikea frames and I do myself the mat. I include the cost of frame in my sale prices. Until now, I always sell enough to cover the price of all the framing of an exhibition. Usually I don’t make money with the exhibition, I make money when I sell after the exhibition (when all the frames have been paid with the sales during the exhibition). Last year, I tried to show my work only in locations where there is no fee, only percentage on sales.*






2. How extensive is your presence on the web? It starts to be extensive. * I’m on facebook, very present, on Saatchi and on a chinese web site I can’t see (since chinese web is closed to us). I just began to use Tumblr and I’m also on pinterest. I also have my own web site.* 2.

3. From your experience… can you list some ways you connect with a gallery and/or collectors? I have try emails (it worked only once). *I looked on the other artist’s cv and who have a similar work and email them. Gallery is very difficult (my work is between 2 categories: too much weird for some collectors who prefer more traditional painting, and not enough conceptual for those who like more contempory art (I’m a modern painter). For collectors, I tried once a big event (Toronto art expo), didn’t sale anything and it was very expensive.

I tried symposium, here in Quebec it’s not very high quality and it is more figurative painting. Don’t like this.

The best for me until now is exhitibion in a gallery I rent (in a big town, Montreal for instance) or in region I tried big a library and the ‘exhibition place’ of a small town (low percentage on sales, no fee to do the exhibition).

And finally the web, I sold 2 on saatchi. I also participate in group exhibition which is often good for me (I sell small works usually on this type of show).*






1. How do you network on the web and in the “real” world? *The best way on the web until now is with painting group on facebook,*

1. If you have received a grant would you be willing to share any ideas about grant writing. *I didn’t try until now but I have written a form to win the regional award. When I will ask for a grant, I will use about the same text (questions will probably be similar)*







Many thanks to Danielle for her most informative answers! If anyone else wants to share, please add your comments below or email me at

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