Collector’s Choice: The Artist’s Conundrum

Mixed Media fine art by Catherine Redmayne


Today’s thoughts, experiences and feedback to the artist questionnaire comes from:

Catherine Redmayne

London, England

  1. How do you handle the high costs of submitting,showing, shipping and framing (if your work needs framing)?

With difficulty! Framing is a big expense but not one that can be skimped on. I try to work on a standard measurement so I can re-use frames but it doesn’t work well, nor save much. Digital submission is a saving in that, although it costs money, the work doesn’t have to be framed until accepted. Still, if it’s accepted through the first round I have to take it to the venue for judging/ collect if not accepted and/or go to preview, and then collect if unsold. For this reason I rarely submit to places unless they are in London (easy for me) or easily accessible by car. Who’d be a painter? The on-costs are horrendous.
2. How extensive is your presence on the web?

Depends what you mean by extensive! But if you put my name+artist into Google you get some leads at the top of the page which counts for something!
3. From your experience… can you list some ways you connect with a gallery and/or collectors?

I drop in on the gallery that shows my work locally. I try and get into new galleries but it’s hard work – I think emails go straight to spam and even snail mail doesn’t get a response usually. Some I think I’m making progress with but then there can be a year’s wait for work to go before a committee… I am rubbish at following up collectors as I hate it when people do it to me.
4. How do you network on the web and in the “real” world?

I’m usually doing one or two online workshops and I like the contact point afforded by closed Facebook groups. From my days with Etsy I keep in touch with web friends there. But none of these are buyers, just friends. In the real world I have a circle of local friends who paint and we exchange gossip about shows, successes etc. I think open studios can be good if you have the right sort of space.
5. If you have received a grant would you be willing to share any ideas about grant writing?

No such luck!

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