Artist Conundrum Continued

Fine art by Hildy Maze

Here are some thoughts from fine artist Hildy Maze of East Hampton, NY.

How do you handle the high costs of submitting,showing, shipping and framing (if your work needs framing)?

For a couple of years I spent a small fortune submitting,framing, and shipping until I could no longer afford to submit beyond my immediate area. I find it to be a catch-22 when a gallery (in my area) says, I’ll give you a show if you can do all the framing. At the moment I’m considering ways to do this. I’ve come to the conclusion that most of these submissions for shows around the country are not the way to go. Sales are few to none. I question whether these kinds of juried, group shows are beneficial to the work. True,it looks good on a c.v., but the cost is too high.
How extensive is your presence on the web?

My presence on the web is extensive. Although time consuming, it is a way to share the work with others. I submit not only to the most obvious like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinerest, Twitter, I’ve found various blogs that a suitable to the work I do as well as on-line magazines. No sales have come from this, but making art is about communication so I look for anyway that this can be accomplished.
From your experience… can you list some ways you connect with a gallery and/or collectors?

The gallery I’m with…sort of (that’s a whole other story) found me. Any effort to connect with a gallery through email was probably deleted before opened. Very difficult, even with galleries that say they accept submissions. I have no idea how or where to find collectors.
How do you network on the web and in the “real” world?

On the web I network through Facebook,Tumblr,Twitter,Pinerest,Instagram,Artstack,Niume,Flickr, and several others . I keep them all up-to-date. I often ask myself, considering the time consumption,’why am I doing this’? But I continue. In the “real” world I hardly network at all which is my weak point. I’m told this is very important.
If you have received  a grant would you be willing to share any ideas about grant writing?

I have applied to several grants, have received none…..but I will not give up! Grants are difficult and take some kind of special skill to
write which I continually work on but have not achieved. Some you can simply apply, others require being nominated, then you’re invited
to apply. If anyone has any experience with how to write a grant I would appreciate your knowledge.

Best of luck to us all!
Hildy Maze



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