Collector’s Choice: Wan Marsh


Artist Statement

We are born with an innate interest and connection with the natural world.

As a Naturalist, my work is inspired by the beauty as well as the
cruelty of nature. I paint intuitively, layering color, texture,
line and shape developing a visual language.
These layers engage the viewer to experience
the purest essence of nature on the deepest level.
Forms are sometimes suggested in a conscious way,
other times they are purely abstracted organic elements.
The intention is to fascinate and capture the viewer,
speaking quietly to the natural world that resides in us all.

Wan Marsh





Wan is an artist and designer whose work has won numerous awards,
including The Members Hall of Fame Award on Ovation TV.
She was one of 4 artists chosen to work on public art during the DNC in
Charlotte September 2012.






She studied art at the Governor’s School of North Carolina at Salem College
in Winston Salem NC.
Wan has also studied at Penland School of Craft, Spirit Square, and CPCC
in Charlotte North Carolina.






She has worked with many internationally known abstract, collage and
mixed media artists.
Wan has an Interior Design Degree and a Horticulture Technology Degree
specializing in Landscape Design.




Wan conducts workshops nationwide and also teaches privately in her garden
studio which was featured in Studios Magazine 2010.

Wan’s work can be seen in selected galleries worldwide. Her work is collected
by individuals and corporations alike.










Thanks so much to Wan Marsh for sharing her art with us.

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