Paintings to Honor Refugee Sojourn

Paintings to Honor the Sojourn of the Syrian Refugees 2016
I have created these paintings to honor those who have suffered loss of home or loved ones through the egregious misfortune of war. The first paintings reveal the fire and destruction endured by the exodus of people from war torn countries, the second group of these paintings reveal a hopeful healing process for these refugees.

These paintings are mixed media on masonite blocks. Each painting is 8″ x 10.”

These paintings have just been exhibited at the Louisville “Oneness Center” starting March 12, 2016 through the month of June. I just picked the paintings up today and found that an energy healing setting such as the Oneness Center was the perfect place for these paintings.

Two years ago, I tried to raise awareness and money so I could create these works on a large scale. I want to thank all who contributed and donated money to this cause that I started called “Sojourn Empathies” to raise awareness of the refugees from war torn countries and their life experiences.






Now after two years, I feel even more compelled to get these paintings out to the world to elicit compassion and empathy for these refugees.


My project was called “Sojourn Empathies.” It was my desire that people will come to realize the suffering of these people with everything they have been through and will understand that we must embrace their lives and experiences with compassion and empathy.


I am so eternally grateful for the donations I received from Abby Lane, Jan Arnow, Bob Abrams, Johanna Boz, Ada Assenjo, Jane Larsen Wigger, Lauren Hill and Myrl Kirstein. The funds I was trying to reach with a Hatchfund Challenge was 2,000.00 though I didn’t make my goal, I was so grateful to my supporters and so determined to support this cause that I created these small paintings anyway.




I welcome you to view these paintings: “Coming Out of the Fire.” I’m a painter, sculptor, photographer and writer of short stories & children’s stories containing my illustrations & poetry. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed teaching Visual Arts at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Indiana University, the University of Louisville and Kentucky State. Besides creating my own original works of art & exhibiting, I currently teach at Western Hills High School in Frankfort, Kentucky.




My creative process combines a mixture of media, including acrylic, pastel, colored pencil & Photoshop. To achieve the ‘atmospheric abstraction’ seen in my work, I especially make use of transparent layering. The size or scale of my pieces can often rely on the Nano image scale with the larger scale of an atmospheric universal firmament orientation to present ‘a microcosm of a microcosm’. That means both realities are visible at once, which creates a paradox or sense perceptive omnipotence in the viewer, much like being able to see that which is hidden by virtue of manipulation within a constructed reality.

In the spring of 2007, I was fortunate to be included in the first International Nano Art Exhibit in Finland, an exhibit of artists working with electron microscope images as a basis for creative exploration! I have also exhibited in several countries, including Japan, South Korea, Spain, Peru & Austria, as well as throughout the United States.

To see options for purchasing these images as prints on paper, framed, on stretched canvas, click on this link: or contact me if you are interested in the originals at

Thank you for viewing my paintings and, please, contact me with any questions you may have about the works.


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