The Artist Conundrum Continued…

Fine Art by Karen Darling


Some Wonderful Insights from Canadian Artist Karen Darling

Many thanks to Karen Darling for sharing her experience and insights by answering some questions about some issues that all artists face. Her web site is quite extensive, complete with links to her “Shopify” and to Saatchi Fine Art among many other things. Here is her email to me:

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Hi Janis,

You are doing a wonderful job with the blog, it has introduced me to many new wonderful artists……and re-introduced me to some I have always admired.
Your questions:
1. Re: the cost of showing and framing etc.
I do a lot of work on paper so they need to be framed and that can get expensive. But I can also ship these pieces worldwide easier than canvas or panels. In that case, the client often finds it less expensive to frame their end than pay the high cost of shipping works on panel or canvas. I do sell the works on panel or canvas more locally.
But overall, I think proper framing is an important part of the whole process & should be done as well as possible.
2. My presence on the web is quite extensive, its where 90% of my business comes. It has taken a long time of steady building but has allowed me to be in total control of my business.
I have a few licensing agreements with boutique hotels in the U.S. & Europe who have my work in their suites, and I have a wall mural collection with a U.S. company, & I sell prints to interior designers with another company here in Canada. All of which helps to offset the unpredictability of selling original artwork.

Having said that, I am currently contemplating looking for a good fit with a gallery to sell my larger works on panel since it is difficult to do that on my own.

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