Collector’s Choice: Julius Friedman

imageJulius Friedman: Fifty Year Retrospective Frazier History Museum, Louisville, Ky.

829 West Main Street

Louisville, KY 40202

(502) 753-5663

Open M-Sat 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. | Sundays noon – 5 p.m.




June 24 – October 9, 2016

Before photos were snapped on phones and editing was done with a click of the mouse, Louisville artist Julius Friedman was creating images the old fashioned way – with his hands, his imagination and lighting. For the very first time, over 200 of Friedman’s awe-inspiring collection will be on display at the Frazier History Museum.

The exhibit, Julius Friedman: Fifty Year Retrospective, is a celebration of life and will feature the iconic posters that have become a part of the international arts and culture community, including “Toe on Egg,” his famous Louisville Ballet poster of a dancer’s shoe balanced on an egg, and his “Fresh Paint” poster, featuring three egg yolks in the primary colors. The multi-sensory exhibit, inspired by the movement and emotion of nature, will provide visitors a visual, audio and tactile experience that delves into the mind of Friedman.

Friedman’s work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, and in museums across North America, Asia and Europe. Although Friedman is one of America’s most prolific and versatile photographers and graphic artists of the modern era, he keeps his roots in Louisville and is thrilled to be presenting this exhibit where he works and plays.

The cutting edge photographer says Julius Friedman: Fifty Year Retrospective will be much more than art on a wall. The multi-media exhibit promises to uncover some of Friedman’s inspirations in creating the images that are now recognized around the world. Fifty Year Retrospective will also break new ground with a contemporary show featuring photographs of life and the natural world never seen before, from the perspective of one of the arts most discerning eyes. Visitors to Fifty Year Retrospective will also see Friedman challenge conventional backdrops like paper and canvas as he presents new photography on aluminum and cloth.


A big thank you goes to Julius Friedman and the Frazier Museum for allowing KIRSTEINFINEART to feature the photographs all by Julius Friedman and the writing courtesy of the Frazier History Museum.

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