Collector’s Choice: Sally Muir

My approach is to keep
it simple, less is more is what I try and aim for — doing things succinctly.

Sally Muir






Artist Sally Muir is based in Bath, UK and is a prodigious portrait painter of dogs. Other subjects include human portraits and landscapes, as well as the occasional rodent and bird. For years Ms. Muir focused on her knitwear business Muir & Osborne as both a designer and author. With her partner Joanna Osborne, they have published seven knitting pattern books that include Pet Heaven, The Animal Accessory Bible, Best in Show, Knit Your Own Dog, (also Cat, Pet, Zoo, Farm and Dinosaur) and the children’s book Patch’s Grand Dog Show. Ms. Muir returned to university as a mature student with a concentration on Fine Art. Children’s portraits gave way to dog portraits as is evidenced in her 365 Facebook dogfest “A Dog A Day”. Ms. Muir is the recipient of many awards and her work appears regularly in galleries. She accepts and enjoys commission work — dogs and humans alike.



Foundation: Bath City College 1997–1998
Degree: Bath School of Art and Design.
First Class Honors Degree: 1998–2003




RWA Open, Bristol
The Masters Bankside, London
Black Swan Open, Frome
Bath Society of Artists Portrait Prize
Quercus Gallery, Bath
The Dog Show, Brighton
A Dog a Day Pound Arts, Corsham



Dog portraits by Sally Muir are flashes of line and color that perfectly capture the spirit and soul of the dog she is painting. When you see a dog portrait by Sally Muir, you know you have seen the heart of the dog, with all its universality as well as unique individuality. Her work is direct, intuitive, yet precise in its presence. Each mark, each brush stroke appears as absolutely necessary in conveying a distillation of the essential in each dog. This is a painter who knows dogs so completely that you can firmly believe that her every brush stoke contains absolute Dog DNA-essence.

Janis Kirstein



KIRSTEINFINEART would like to thank Sally Muir for sharing her unique dog portraits with us today. For more stimulating and insightful features on some of the very best contemporary artists working today, subscribe to KIRSTEINFINEART by going to the bottom of this page and clicking the subscribe button. Thanks so much for reading and please enter your comments. We would love to hear your thoughts!

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