Collector’s Choice: April Martin


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Though AprilMartin’s art work expands across many horizons, from Photography to Mixed-Media Art Journaling, I have been captivated by her photographic series: Va-Va Vixens. These photographs of hers are truly a stage event that captures the hilarity as well as the sheer delight of the early 1950’s pin up and it’s evocative culture. April sends us snapshots radiating with joy, parody, spunk, frivolity and a kind of carnivalesque insight into the human condition.






April’s photos from this series are kind of like encountering what might be the work of photographer Cindy Sherman after Cindy has died and experienced a reemergence back into a unified field of human consciousness. Where Cindy’s portraits give us an insightful and melancholic introspection into the human condition, April sends us a shout of Spring fresh air (like her name) with regalia of a burlesque stage and obviously posed artifice. The viewer is left with a poignant piece of beautiful satin ribbon twirling through the air around a completely created memory that feels like it is your own memory, somehow and that maybe for one moment, you did step through the looking glass and remember your very own engagement in this moment.




When I see the lovely posed bathing beauties in the backyard of suburbia, I can hear the cacophonous giggles and uproarious laughter of these ladies as they prepared for their shoot, spraying their carefully arranged tendrils of hair, concluding their face makeup with pouty kissy blots laid on taught strips of Kleenex between the lips, and the hurrying clatter of hard heeled shoes down a dusty sunlit hallway, out a banging wooden kitchen screened door, and into a yard of heavenly garden delights.

Strong and heroic are the charters in her pictures. Sure and certain in their actions, April captures the true essence of human engagement and fulfillment in life, complete with all its absurdities and interactive emotions.  Written by Janis Kirstein


April Martin is a Visual Artist currently living in Louisville, Kentucky and is also known for her heartwarming workshops on art Journaling. She warmly engages the participants with opportunities for multiple media exploration and individual conversations with the artist. You can see more about her Art Journaling process and Workshops on her website, listed at the top of this page.

Do you know what I would love?I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings about this feature! How does this work affect you, make you feel? Please contribute a comment or response. It would be so fine if you would let someone know you are out there and are seeing this and being affected in some significant way. Please share your thoughts! I and many others would love to hear from you! Thanks so much!

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