Collector’s Choice: Marie Bortolotto




“I am a visual artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from NSCAD University, Halifax, Canada. Currently I live on the west coast of Canada. My mixed media paintings and drawings are explorations into the fundamental language of nature. My approach is process driven, rooted in imagination, emotion and intuition, revealing a language deeper than words: patterns, textures, mark making, symbols, shapes, lines and gestures which map a passage through time.”

Marie Bortolotto










The grace and natural movements in these organic drawings/paintings by Marie Bortolotto creates symphonies of mysterious earth toned layers.  Envelopes of delicate washes fold across bold texture,  with images emerging forward as if directly from the subconscious mind. Markings move through and across the page as if rising  from a seemingly random evolution, yet each movement on paper forms a delicate balance with all other markings and layers evoked in each work.

Jan Kirstein



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4 thoughts on “Collector’s Choice: Marie Bortolotto

  1. Jill kurth

    Why do all u artists put your work on the Pinterest or whatever and don’t ….or just online and don’t sell!!!!!!!!!!!


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