Miroslava Rakovic: Dreams and Perceptions


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel…..” said the revered writer Maya Angelou, who passed away yesterday at age 84, leaving us her legacy of great poetic writings of wisdom.


This quote by the late great writer Maya Angelou directly applies to the paintings of Serbian artist Miroslava Rakovic.

In her paintings, Miroslava is following feelings and dreams. In her collages, or other works where she uses different media on paper, canvas or in digital work, she reflects a strong symbolic character; an iconographic search that follows the changes in her personal life.


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Miroslava Rakovic was born in Novi Sad, Serbia (former Yugoslavia).
She graduated at the Academy of Art Niv Sad . She works in the area of illustration, design and painting, and currently she is a professor of graphic design.
Her work has been display in a selection of various exhibitions in Serbia.





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4 thoughts on “Miroslava Rakovic: Dreams and Perceptions

  1. Treble Lysenko

    To say that I’ve had a very emotional response to the work of Miroslava Rakovic
    is an understatement. I’ve worked at visual art and architecture for fifty years. Recently I suffered a heart attack and was saved from near death by open heart surgery in my home city of Madison WI. I mention this because in the two years that have past that event, I’ve found it increasingly more difficult to complete the paintings I had been been producing for decades before. It is like the side effect of the surgery has been to somehow disconnect me from the creative well I was accustomed to drinking from. Seeing Rakovic’s work is like seeing into that state of visual delight that I have know- the sense of the feel of two different blues on a snowbank in a warm dark room. A little piece of violet laughs in the rain with a little piece of orange. My work used to be like this- thank you Ms. Rakovic

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