Ok, I could not wait to put this new mask on!! Today my first masks arrived from my direct printing factory.

On the mask you can see my photo of the first iris from my garden this Spring. To me, the Iris symbolizes hope, I thought it would be the perfect image for a face mask.

Then I finally located someone to print the masks. That was a challenge! But after several weeks of research, I finally found what I was looking for: masks that are well made, comfortable, and in a variety of materials including cotton, lycra and spandex.

I designed my masks and placed my order April 28th. I just got these today, May 24th. Not bad for coming from halfway around the world.

First thing I did after opening my package is wash all three of the masks.Now I can’t wait for them to dry so I can try them on and give them the true test! My husband said they look like a bunch of little bikinis. So now I can truely stand behind my product and assure everyone of their quality and comfort. These masks are well worth the wait for shipping!

I am concerned about the issue of breathing through print on demand fabric. It’s one thing to have it on a shirt, shoes or tote. Another to have it over your mouth and nose. Therefore I highly recommend machine washing before wearing.


This special collection of KIRSTEINFINEART face masks comes in a variety of statement designs on your choice of cotton or other materials. These dust-proof masks will protect you from dust, bacteria, pollution, allergies, cold, viral flu, fog and danger, industrial emission, vehicle exhaust, passive smoking, etc.  Please allow 3-5 days for printing and 7-15 days for shipping. Because of the COVID19 Pandemic, shipping times will vary and  may be delayed.


One thought on “MASKUP!

  1. Andria Creighton

    Hi Jan! Hope you are having a good holiday weekend. We are doing okay. Glad that you and Brooke are well. So I will be getting my mask soon? I understand it takes a while as I have an Etsy order for a horse mask, and an Amazon order for a Grateful Dead mask. I have not received these either. I guess both of these are from overseas as well. The one from Australia has been shipped, but I know that will take a while! Take good care and I am glad some masks came in.


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