Hi! I would love for you to come to my website and see this cool natural stone bracelet. But Facebook is not allowing me, as  “Kirsteinfineart” to post my website on Facebook because of reportings of “spam” from my website.

I believe I have been hacked by spammers indeed, because I. Janis Kirstein, have never spammed anyone and I cannot get any avenue to report this on Facebook. I have been trying to get through to them since November 2020. I have not yet gotten the help needed to justly resolve this situation with FB. I have reported it 12 times with no resolution reached.

Check it out!
Check it out!

Please share this to help me try and receive fairness and justice for me and my business at Kirsteinfineart.

Maybe someone could help because I have been suffering irredeemable loss of revenue because of this situation.

Thanks so much for caring/sharing.

25% OFF all bracelets shown here through April 30.

One thought on “I Am Not a Spammer and I Am NOT POSTING ABUSIVE CONTENT

  1. Andria Creighton

    OMG Jan! I did not know this was happening! I know nothing about Facebook as I am not on any social media. If I had a business I would have to be on FB and others! My only thoughts are to report to our local TV stations and see if they would like to advocate for you. Perhaps there are some consumer reporting agencies that could help you. You are a consumer/user of FB. As you know FB is not a transparent or socially just corporation.They are just money grabbers that are not on the up and up with society or the government. Good luck with getting this problem resolved. Another idea is perhaps notifying the FCC. FB is being watched very carefully by our government for many years. I hope this helps!

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