Meditation and the creative act of making art for me is a way of life, a way of seeing, and a way of reaching and maintaining wakefulness and awareness. 

Artist Jan Kirstein 

Mixed Media collage by Jan Kirstein. 14″ x 11.” 2019.


I am an American contemporary artist and writer working primarily with mixed media. My paintings and collage work juxtapose diverse imagery to explore ideas of emerging fragmentation and reconstruction through fluctuating recognition and realization. These perceptions then can transform into a meaningful and unified whole.

It is my intention that the viewer look at one of my paintings as if one is sifting through an archeological dig of the subconscious mind, moving as though through layer upon layer of earth. Barely recognizable forms emerge from the surface of the paintings into a conscious gestalt where meanings are meant to galvanize through the viewer’s own personal references and connections.

Mixed Media Collage on paper, 11″ x 14.” By Jan Kirstein. 2019.

Movement through brushwork, markings and layered, open passages lead the viewer on a journey of discovery, enabling the creation of a myriad of associations and insights. Through observing the relationships of applied materials to a surface, layers of seemingly random associations can merge into realization, recognition and insight.

My materials often include Sumi e Ink, Calligraphy brushes, charcoal, pastel, watercolor, acrylic and a variety of papers including Japanese rice paper and canvas.

“Wham-O,” 48″ x 56,” Mixed Media Collage on stretched canvas by Janis Kirstein, 2019.
Detail of “Wham-O,” 48″ x 56,” Mixed Media Collage on stretched canvas by Janis Kirstein, 2019.

My Most Recent Painting

The Fall of Western Civilization,” by Janis Kirstein. Mixed Media on stretched canvas. 4″ x 8.” 2019.

Investigate the Details at https://janiskirstein.com

I have been greatly influenced by artists from the past. Matisse has influenced and inspired my love of brilliant color and its interactions. I have also been greatly inspired by the expressive paintings of the abstract expressionists such as Helen Frankenthaler for her bold and sensitive use of organic poured paint shapes, by Franz Kline for his stark use of diagonal bold lines and stark contrast and by Robert Rauschenberg for his unique juxtaposition of cultural icons into a variety of assembled collages.

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The collages you see above are all on acid free paper and canvas, size 14″ x 11.” All collages were made in 2019 all by Jan Kirstein

Jan Kirstein, The Artist

I invite you to explore my art studio where you can discover my artist’s journey through process and materials.

Welcome to My Art Studio

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  • Shout out to Janis Kirstein who created the design for this lovely tote. The design reminds me of the Holy Spirit so it’s become the bag I tote to church with all my church gear! 

    Sharon Kutz-Mellem, Presbyterian Ministersharon bag

    Sharon Kutz-Mellem, Presbyterian Minister, Louisville, Kentucky

  • Jay Kratz says about the Kirsteinfineart  new website: This is great, Jan ! I love that you’ve managed to leverage technology while maintaining your authenticity as an artist and educator. Your work has continued to evolve in a very rich way. Keep posting all of your cool work and Congrats on staying current, purposeful and innovative. This is so inspirational to us “want to be” artists with credibility and validation! Jay Kratz is the Director of Real Estate Development at Price Hill Will and Owner at JAK and Associates Design, LLC

    Jay Kratz, Cincinnati, Ohio

  • I really enjoyed looking at your work.  I am impressed that you can work in so many formats, but you intuitively understand how it is all related. Your abstract paintings are my favorites–they remind me a little of Twombly and Gorky.


    Leslie Anglin, Artist

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