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Metal prints of my Nano based images are currently available.

My creative process with these pieces combines a mixture of media, including acrylic, pastel, colored pencil & Photoshop. To achieve the atmospheric abstraction seen in my work, I especially make use of transparent layering. The size or scale of my pieces relies on the Nano image scale with the larger scale of an atmospheric universal firmament orientation to present a microcosm of a microcosm. That means both realities are visible at once, which creates a paradox or sense perceptive omnipotence in the viewer, much like being able to see that which is hidden by virtue of manipulation within a constructed reality.

In the spring of 2007, I was fortunate to be included in the first International Nano Art Exhibit in Finland, an exhibit of artists working with electron microscope images as a basis for creative exploration. I have also exhibited in several countries, including Japan, South Korea, Spain, Peru & Austria, as well as throughout the United States. Enjoy my portfolio and, please, contact me with any questions you may have about these Nano based metal prints.