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Birds Inspire 

Interwoven in this feature are bird sculptures and paintings/drawings I found everywhere from my bedroom to Etsy from a variety of artists. I hope you enjoy their whimsy, movement and beauty today as a focus on inspiration and hope. Continue reading

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Collector’s Choice: Jane Davies’ New Exhibion

Submerge yourself into a sea of dynamic visual poetry by abstract painting master Jane Davies. In Janes’s paintings, the world is true to nature in form and integrity. Images embrace the viewer with harmonious discourse of color, shape, line, texture and pattern, all orchestrated with an instinctual genius for proportion, movement and intuitive balance.

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Official Review: Fantasy Animals by Janis Kirstein #1 by Shelle

Official Review: Fantasy Animals by Janis Kirstein#1 by Shelle » Feb 14, 2017 [The Following is an official review of “Fantasy Animals” by Janis Kirstein.] Book Cover 3 out of 4 stars Review by Shelle Share This Review Learning … Continue reading

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True Inspiration: Helen Frankenthaler

  To honor and support the Women’s March in Washington D.C. this week, I am would like to give tribute to some of my fav painters who have inspired me for a lifetime. Today it’s Helen Frankenthaler.     Helen … Continue reading

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Women’s March On Washington

What do we all want? I think it all boils down to one word this week in the upcoming Presidential Inauguration:  JUSTICE. Here’s to all the women who will be marching all over the country this week, for justice, for … Continue reading

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Sunday Afternoon Tea Time With Fantasy Animals! Sunday afternoon teatime is always better with a little story, don’t you think?  So here is a little excerpt from my story “Fantasy Animals.” To read more of this delightful modern day parable about today’s world problems click here. … Continue reading

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Enhancing Creativity and Insight with Meditation and Stones

      Meditation is known to enhance creativity and intuition and can be further accelerated with the use of specific stones and crystals. This article by ben-tiger describes The 12 Synergy Stones used in meditation to raise awareness and … Continue reading

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