Portrait of “Bagel, the Psychiatrist’s Dog.”

Three years ago, I painted this portrait of “Bagel,” Louisville Psychiatrist Bruce Tasch’s 13 year old beagle.  The painting was commissioned  by Bruce to commemorate the life of this amazing pet who is adored by all family members and friends. 

And three years later, this magical dog still lives! He is 16 years old and just keeps going! I got an update on Bagel’s progress just a few weeks ago when I saw Bruce at our 45th high school reunion. He reported that Bagel is, in fact, still living, and quite comfortably too. The family has initiated a variety of elder care resources for Bagel’s well-being in his Senior Years to ensure his comfort, well being and enjoyment of life. 



The revered paw of Bagel.

You can easily commission a portrait of your beloved pet. Acrylic on a 16″ x 20″ stretched canvas is the standard size, but larger and smaller sizes can be negotiated. For inquiries, leave a message and your information on my email:

If you would like to consider a variety of other options for your dog’s portrait, I can have a print emboldened onto a shower curtain for you, or a print of a photo of your dog created as well. Just contact me HERE and we can talk!

Jan Kirstein

Dog Portrait Painter

I am so glad I painted portraits of our two Airedales Dasher and Dancer before they passed away. Here is Dancer, and Dancer with our two younger pups, Ariel and Jett. (See  my paintings below.)  To see more examples of Kirstein Pet Portraits, click here.

                                           img_1009  Dancer


Dancer with Ariel and Jett.

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