A Week’s Work (Or Play, I Should Say)

I have been talking with people a little bit about showing my work in a variety of possible venues. One woman I spoke with said, “Well to show in a gallery you have to have more than a couple of pieces.”

She obviously doesn’t know me. (Yet.) Here is this week’s work! 

Photographing the Work.

It is much harder to photograph this stuff than to paint it. I have discovered that my cell phone takes better photos than my Nikon 35 milimeter SLR Digital camera. And my cell phone is not even high end. It’s a smart phone but rather cheesy, I thought.

The photos below are taken by my cell phone.

No photo description available.
Mixed media collage by Jan Kirstein. 11″ x 14.” Summer, 2019.

But the cell phone captures higher detail, better color, and is higher resolution. I have an app on my phone I use called “Camera.” How creative. Anyway, it apparently bumps up the quality quite a bit from my bare smartphone camera, which is really pretty close in quality. My cell phone is an LG Cricket. (I go cheap whenever I can. )

No photo description available.
Mixed media collage by Jan Kirstein. 11″ x 14.” 2019.
No photo description available.
Mixed media collage by Jan Kirstein. 11″ x 14.” 2019.
No photo description available.
Mixed media collage by Jan Kirstein. 11″ x 14.” 2019.
No photo description available.

KIRSTEINFINEART Presents the “Evening Splendor Collection”

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This New Collection by KIRSTEINFINEART is what you have been waiting for:  Smashing style for your dressy occasions combined with a comfort level found only with casual clothes.

Dressy meets casual.

Fabulous t-shirt designs all from Jan Kirstein’s collage paintings pair with leggings in a variety of matching colors and patterns.

Make a splash this evening and feel completely comfortable throughout your all your special events, whether dashing out to a festive night out, or staying home for a quiet, relaxing evening.



Photo by Mica Guerrero

Paintings in Memory of the Homeless

I share a studio with two other artists in Louisville Kentucky. We just recently had a very sad encounter with reality in the form of a homeless man who lingered constantly around our studio door. The story around this man unfolded in a series of tragic vinyetts leaving us all with a renewed awareness of the fact that the problems facing the homeless are, in fact, everyone’s problem.


Just posted! Latest Paintings by Janis Kirstein

These paintings and more can be purchased at https://kirsteinfineart.myshopify.com

Collector’s Choice: Michael Cutlip










Microsoft Corporation
Triton Museum of Art / Santa Clara, CA
David & Lucile Packard Foundation / Palo Alto, CA
Benefit Cosmetics / San Francisco, CA
HopeLab / Redwood City, CA
Sense Fine Art / Woodside, CA
Mondry Associates / San Mateo, CA
Blue Juice Restaurant and Bar / Tokyo, Japan
Sutter Health / CA

Private Collections
Sarah McLachlan (singer / songwriter)





New American Paintings / A juried competition in print, West Coast Edition / 2005
Alameda County Arts Commission Purchase Grant / Semi-Finalist / 2005
Recipient of the CSUH Solicitation Program Award / 1998
San Mateo County Fair, Gold Award in Print Media / 1998
Recipient of the University Art Center Award / 1999
San Mateo County Fair, Honorable Mention in Print Media Award / 1999
Burlingame Art Society Annual Juried Show, Honorable Mention / 2000






Exhibition Catalog _New Paintings by Michael Cutlip / Donna Seager Gallery / 2010
Exhibition Catalog / Play Land, new works by Michael Cutlip / Seager Gray Galllery 2012
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The Lamp with Wings, By Michael Vizsolyi / Published by Harper Collins / Cover Image / Published 2011
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Fault Zone Words, From the Edge an Anthology of Stories / Cover Image / published 2010
Marin Magazine / Cover Image / Feb. 2009 issue
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Gallery Guide/ February 2001/ Summer edition 2001/ Summer Edition 2003
Reflections (The Philosophy Journal Of California State University Hayward, volume 4)

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Collector’s Choice: Madeline Denaro









“To allow something that I do not control to have an action, to allow oneself to bring this action into a materiality; this is why I make art.”  Madeline Denaro


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My work is very much about process. I find the image secondary to the art making. Although abstract in nature, there is an underlying visual order that gradually seems to emerge. Working intuitively, I enter a realm of the unknown where there is more of a following than any real choice. I seem to be forever altering and adjusting the framework of some invisible reality.



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There is an openness that is needed for this direct experience, this self-imposed repetitive process as I build, destroy, erase, paint over. There is a definite chaos through which each work evolves and it seems to return repeatedly to its beginning. But with each revival there are the markings, the scars of the previous. I have a relationship to these subtleties, these sensitivities, keeping some, hiding some; but knowing full well all that has been before.




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After yesterday’s blog on reorienting your perspective on ordinary objects, I received a number of quite interesting responses from other artists who exhibit some of the same shift in consciousness that I explored in yesterday’s blog. But unfortunately they could not express “like” of my page because WordPress said they’d had to be members to do this..

So I will just write a blog on these two artists and their fine examples.

Here is a brief synopsis of my yesterday’s post:

“Have you ever tried to imagine that the sky was the ground and the ground was the sky? If you look at the sky in this way, you can begin to see the cloud formations as land masses, and the blue sky as the sea.”

Moving along with this idea, let’s look at two pieces that really exemplify this.


The photograph “Sunset” is by the artist Wendolyn Hill, who is a Medical Illustrator connected with Yale University. Her website  is wendolynhill.com.

The beautiful photograph you see here by Wendolyn is of the waterway near her home in Lyme, Ct. The reflections you see here can really “turn you on your head” as you play with the idea of seeing the sky in the water and the water in the sky.

In the end after looking at this photograph from all perspectives, you can lose the difference in identity between air and water, between up and down, top and bottom, causing you for a moment to release some of your long held boundaries associated with your conventional perceptions.

The other art I would like to introduce here is “Nine Leaves In the Wind” a giclee print by Denise Weaver Ross. The link to this image on her website is


Again, the reflection of sky in water creates a universe where top and bottom merge and become reversible. To me, the tendency is to fall into a sense of letting go of the conventional up and down orientation, and to merge into a kind of dream state, where rules of relationship are shifted.

So often in our dreams these kinds of perspectives are reorientated, where space and time become a continuum in perception.

More on the importance of Dreams to come…. Until then, please enjoy the works of my two artist friends, who incidentally completed the Master of Fine Arts Program at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with me in the early 1980’s.