Manifesting an Art Studio


Tomorrow is 2.22.16, the date of angelic manifestation of dreams. This is a dream and I am putting it out to the universe for a space to create. I invite you to have so much fun imagining what you would have in your creative space and what features it would have.

Please add what you would love to have for your perfect creative space. 

The video above is made two years ago for manifesting a creative space and was for a Hatchfund project, which did not make its goal, but the dream still lives. I have also included some of my favorite images of a dream creative space. I know this will transpire when the time is right, because I have faith that the creative process is one of the greatest endeavors of  the human spirit, and I feel certain that the universe will support the prayer for all people of this earth to aspire to create.

So please share with me the favorite aspects of your creative space. Send your photos of your space to me at