Commission a Painting for Your Living Space

You won’t believe how your space can come alive with original paintings and prints. Sometimes it helps to see a piece on the wall. Here are a few breathtaking shots of original paintings in specific spaces. Take a look around.
The canvas in the front on the right is an acrylic painting on stretched canvas by Jan Kirstein. “Shifting Energy Fields” is 4′ x 5.’ The painting in the adjacent room is also by Jan Kirstein and is a collage on paper.


“Kaboom” giclee print on archival paper or stretched canvas. To see more about this piece go here.

This is a smaller piece of art by Jan Kirstein enlarged into a giclee print on stretched canvas. Maybe you have a special place you would like to bring to life: your bedroom, your living room or dining room. There is nothing like a painting to breath joy and life into a living or office space. If you would like to find out more about painting commissions, if you have any questions about how to get started, feel free to email me, the artist, Jan Kirstein here.

Giclee print on stretched canvas.

How to Decorate A Living Room: Try an Artistic Gallery Wall in Your Home

“A living room is a great space to embrace thoughtful disorder, such as through an artistic gallery wall, mix-and-match throw pillows, open storage baskets and fun furniture…”  From this Houzz story on How to Decorate A Living Room.




Let’s Play with the Concept of a Gallery Wall in your home…



Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

Left: Painting by Nancy Hillis.  Top right: Fine art print by Jan Kirstein and bottom right: Collage by Hildy Maze. To contact Hildy Maze or Nancy Hillis with further questions, just message me. For more information about the print by Jan Kirstein click here



Another Gallery Wall in your Home:



Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

Gallery wall includes painted panels on left, by Karen Jacobs, top right image is painting on paper by Lee Brewster and the bottom right is a fine art print by Jan Kirstein. For inquiries about the work on Lee Brewster and Karen Jacobs you can contact me on this website. Also I have stories on both of these artists on this blog as well. To find out more about the fine art print by me, click here.


Create a gallery wall in your home. If you would like help with this fun project, just email me at, or contact me on this website. I would love to hear from you and help you out with choosing your preferences.



How to Hang Your Wall Images

Thinking you might like to spice up your walls with a dash of creative spirit in the form of uplifting art, but finding all the choices for frames, mats, and hanging so baffling? Here are some helpful tips for hanging fine art in your home. Check out these suggestions, and maybe this will help clear the confusion!


Just click this photo to see this helpful Houzz article on tips for hanging art.





To see how to select framing options, choose mats or to purchase click here.



To see how to select framing options,choose mats or to purchase click here.



To see how to select framing options,choose mats or to purchase click here.



To see more images like these,  click here to look around Fine Art America to see more of my works, by Jan Kirstein, or look over the whole website to see many other artists’ works as well! Enjoy your visit.

How to Pick the Right Work of Art for Your Space


 How many times have you found 
a special spot in your home where 
you would love to hang a work of art,
 but had no idea how to begin choosing 
a painting for that particular spot? 

Or even if you had a piece of art in mind, 
how do you imagine that particular painting 
in that spot and decide if it would work well 
with your entire room?

At, the art website for purchasing fine art that is teamed with Fineartamerica’s website, they have a most helpful app for the iPad called Pixels. This remarkable app enables you to select your work of art, pull it up into a matt and frame in the window of your iPad, and take a photo of the painting juxtaposed with your actual room. How cool is that?

You can adjust the size of the art to fit your space, and you can see exactly what that particular piece looks like hanging on your wall. You should try it out. Just get the app called Pixels. It’s pictured here, and it’s free.

Upload the app and try it out on any art you see on the Pixels app. Of course you could put in my name, or any other name in the search bar and select an art piece for experimentation. Select the piece you want to play with, then select a size and art medium that you would prefer, like “framed print” or “stretched canvas.”

Then click the little camera lens icon and up comes the art piece with the frame and matt you picked. Behind the piece is a completely clear window through which you can see, you guessed it, your room. You can play with frames and Matt colors. Then hold your iPad up in front of the space where you would like to try the art and photograph the piece in your space!

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So fun! Try different art, different sizes, different frames and matts in your space,until you hit on just the right combination. In the two photos above, I went to Apps on my And how will you know it is right?

Well, first of all, consider proportion and balance. You want a piece that is neither too overwhelming in size for the space nor too small. You don’t want a size that looks lost on the wall.

The Next, you need to consider form and color. Choose a piece that highlights colors and shapes that appear in the room. For instance, I took a photo of one of my dogwood prints and put it over my sofa in my sitting room. I tried some variation in matts and frames. Notice how the gold and white floral pattern in the sofa are repeated in the organic shapes of the dogwood petals.

A word about picking your matt color. Try to pick a color that is neutral, if possible, and not one that overwhelms the colors in the art. Try to pick one of the predominant colors in the art, if you can.

For the frame, try again to choose a color that goes with the colors in your room as well as with the art. I know it’s a lot to think about, but this app will help you out with the use of all of its options. You will know when you hit on the right combination, I promise!
And a final word of advice: Only buy art that you LOVE!

Now here’s my question to you: which matt and frame choice do you like best, #1 or#2? Why? Let me know in your comments!