Collector’s Choice: Michael Cutlip









Microsoft Corporation
Triton Museum of Art / Santa Clara, CA
David & Lucile Packard Foundation / Palo Alto, CA
Benefit Cosmetics / San Francisco, CA
HopeLab / Redwood City, CA
Sense Fine Art / Woodside, CA
Mondry Associates / San Mateo, CA
Blue Juice Restaurant and Bar / Tokyo, Japan
Sutter Health / CA

Private Collections
Sarah McLachlan (singer / songwriter)





New American Paintings / A juried competition in print, West Coast Edition / 2005
Alameda County Arts Commission Purchase Grant / Semi-Finalist / 2005
Recipient of the CSUH Solicitation Program Award / 1998
San Mateo County Fair, Gold Award in Print Media / 1998
Recipient of the University Art Center Award / 1999
San Mateo County Fair, Honorable Mention in Print Media Award / 1999
Burlingame Art Society Annual Juried Show, Honorable Mention / 2000






Exhibition Catalog _New Paintings by Michael Cutlip / Donna Seager Gallery / 2010
Exhibition Catalog / Play Land, new works by Michael Cutlip / Seager Gray Galllery 2012
Fault Zone, Stepping up to the Edge / Cover image / Published 2011
The Lamp with Wings, By Michael Vizsolyi / Published by Harper Collins / Cover Image / Published 2011
California, by Jennifer Denrow / Published by Four Way Books / Cover Image / Published 2011
Fault Zone Words, From the Edge an Anthology of Stories / Cover Image / published 2010
Marin Magazine / Cover Image / Feb. 2009 issue
Southwest Art Magazine….Featured Artist / “Artist to Watch”…Feb. 2009 issue
National Poetry Review / cover image / Spring 2009
Atlantan Magazine….”Pretty Boys“…Dec. 2008
Atlanta Home and Lifestyles Magazine
Events Page…Dec. 2008 issue
Artist Interview with / Published Sept. 2007
New American Paintings / A juried competition in print, Book #61 , West Coast Edition/ 2005
Traditional Home Magazine / Spring 2006
Silicon Valley Magazine/ Featured Artist/ Dec. 2004
Silicon Valley Magazine/ Seven Bay Area Artists/ Oct. 2004
Gallery Guide/ North-West Edition/ April 2004
Haywire/ Cal State Hayward Alumni Magazine/ Alumni profile / Summer 2004
Notre Dame University/ The Bohemian/ Spring 2004
San Mateo Daily Journal (Bi-Monthly, local artist profile)/ November 15, 2003
Gallery Guide/ February 2001/ Summer edition 2001/ Summer Edition 2003
Reflections (The Philosophy Journal Of California State University Hayward, volume 4)

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Collector’s Choice: Cliff Spohn

Today’s feature is in honor of our Louisville Kentucky native the great champion Muhammed Ali, who was so close in spirit to the revered Malcolm X. They are inseparable brothers in spirit. Mohammed Ali’s funeral is today June 10, 2016 in Louisville. In honor of the determination to overcome oppression and seek justice for all, I present these works of powerful creativity today by a very great contemporary artist Cliff Spohn. Janis Kirstein.


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About Cliff Spohn, the Artist

I was born and raised in Oregon. From a young age I was always doodling (drawing), especially during class. I would draw hot rods, airplanes, girls, comic book heros and Mad magazine characters. I have always been an explorer or seeker of answers to things and ideas that fascinated me, which of course lead me right into the realms of artistic thinking. My exploring and ‘WHAT IF’ approach to art has had a definite roll in creating my eclectic style and still affects my work to this day.

A rather circuitous route through traveling, a war and working led me to Riverside California. There I attended jr. college and received an AA degree then transferred to San Jose State College where in I discovered the world of commercial art. In 1973 I received a BA degree in illustration and graphic design.

I have been a professional illustrator for 38 years, it became my vocation where my ‘WHAT IF’ art became my avocation but, because illustration has become almost nonexistent for an oldschooler like myself, the rolls are switching places.

I illustrated the first 10 or 15 Atari video game box covers and continued with other projects there. I also did Apple’s first one or two instruction booklet covers. I have created many posters, book covers, magazine covers, collectable prints, editorial art and privately commissioned paintings.

In 1986 my family and I moved to Connecticut to further my career as an illustrator but, as stated before, demand for my kind of illustration was and is slowly disappearing. Now I am in the process of trying to merge the two, realism (vocation) and abstract (avocation).

As one can see, my work is an amalgam of styles and interests influenced by other artist whom I have studied. I am but one voice in the choir of art’s paradigm, searching for and developing my art (identity) for the means to preform the solo performance.

That being said, the only thing I can say and say it in my eclectic ‘WHAT IF’ style is, “On with the show”…..
Cliff Spohn




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Today’s feature is in honor of our Louisville champion Muhammed Ali, who was so close in spirit to the revered Malcolm X.   Mohammed Ali’s funeral is today June 10, 2016.  In honor of the determination to overcome oppression and seek justice for all, I present these works of powerful creativity today.  Janis Kirstein.





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