The Healing Powers of Natural Stones

Good fortune from wearing natural stones can follow you wherever you go! Try these unique bracelets. And your good fortune is already here, with a 25% off LTO through APRIL 30 at KIRSTEINFINEART.

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Jasper offers a doorway to the realms of natural power and wisdom. Natural power is the ability to recognize one’s interconnection with all things and to use that connection for balance and healing. Jasper supports earth healing, connection with nature and joy in life.

Friendship Bracelets…

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                                                No Occasion Needed!


Ride the thrill of buying something, just for you, because you have done the work and paid your dues! HOCOLE and KIRSTEINFINEART present natural stone up pcolorful snake bangle bracelets for Women.  This vintage multi-layer metal and bead bracelet captures the Southeastern Asia Indian style of traditional bangle seduction bracelets.  Savor the sultry sensations destined to follow you everywhere you go.

Metals Type: zinc Alloy
Material: Natural Stone
Setting Type: Tension Mount
Place of origin: Zhejiang China(Mainland)
Width: 3.5cm
Vintage Indian Jewelry

This product ships from China so please allow from 15-30 business days for transport due to the Pandemic.

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