Collector’s Choice: Miguel Velit of Lima, Peru

Miquel Velit is a Sculptor from Lima, Peru. His sculptures include a whimsical but powerful exploration of dynamic space. I have known him since our days together at Vermont Studio  in Johnson Vermont and his work has always been a testimonial to the relentless pursuit of art and its ability to influence and alter the world.




He is currently in residence at the nearby Josephine Sculpture Park in Frankfort, Kentucky where he is working on a variety of large metal sculptures from scrap metal gathered from local metal scrap metal yards. He has made a tremendous amount of progress this week as shown in the photographs taken at the sculpture park of his sculptures in progress.

Miguel has built sculptures all over the world for a variety of parks, interior and exterior spaces. Countries where his work is on exhibit include China, Poland, the United States, Argentina, Mexico and of course, his beloved hometown Lima, Peru.

Embracing a vigorous investigation of building materials and spatial explorations, Miguel builds sculptures that are arrestingly confident, playful and memorable.

Kentucky is honored to host Miguel as he continues his lifelong  artistic quest.


Jan Kirstein





More to come on Miguel as he progresses on his work at the Josephine Sculpture Park, owned and directed by fellow Artist and Sculptor Melanie VanHouten.


Miguel’s Process

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Thanks to Miguel Velit and Melanie VanHouten for the photos in this story.

Collector’s Choice: Hildy Maze



Hildy Maze



“Hildy Maze’s work is strong, compelling and deeply contemplative. Her inner balance and awareness permeates all of her work through the extraordinary balance of rich textures, exuberant color and overlapping shapes. Her markings provide a comment, a vocabulary of variety from bold to whispering, within an ocean of turbulent paint and paper pieces. The result unfolds as poetry of the soul.”

Written by Janis Kirstein

Hildy Maze was born in Brooklyn, educated at Pratt Institute studying graphic design. While at Pratt she worked part time and after graduation full time at Push Pin Studio with Milton Glaser and Seymour Chwast. She continued working with Milton Glaser Inc. while beginning to free-lance as a graphic designer/illustrator doing 3 dimensional assemblages and constructions . After several years of working commercially, she turned her attention to more personal work of painting and drawing in her loft in Tribeca, NYC.




Hildy’s genuine education began upon meeting Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist Meditation master. Spending 10 years with Trungpa Rinpoche until his death in 1987 she studied and practiced Tibetan Buddhist meditation, Shambhala art and culture, Dharma Art, brush stroke meditation practice, Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging), all based on the mirror-like expansive wakeful nature of mind. Reflecting on the years with Trungpa Rinpoche and her ongoing meditation practice and study she absorbed and translated into her process and images what he transmitted, along with her personal experience of the recognition of the awakened nature of mind.




After 12 years of living in New York City Hildy moved to East Hampton, NY in 1984 to live and work in an environment she truly considers home; the ocean and bay where she experiences the vastness of the view of mind’s nature while feeding a club of seagulls for 15 years she calls “family”. She can tell them apart and knows who is coupled for life!




During the last several years Hildy Maze’s work has involved simple paper. She says,” paper has an organic environmental quality. It responds immediately to causes and conditions, is impermanent meaning it ages, becomes fragile, is affected by light yet will remain as those things we search for and cherish possibly in the attic or basement, an archeological site, or a memory. It is the nature of all things to decay yet remain”.

Ms.Maze has exhibited her work in galleries in New York City, Europe, Bejing, China,Poughkeepsie, NY, eastern end of Long Island including an invitational at Guild Hall and is in several private collections both in the U.S and Europe.





“My work is driven by a curiosity into the investigation of mind thru art. None of us can avoid thoughts, but through awareness of our pitfalls, beauty, strengths and weaknesses we can open windows into the mind. The core of my contemplative art practice is to visually embody the blind spots as a result of our thoughts. I am interested in the study of how the mind works as a means of gaining insight, how we communicate, how we create identity through form, emotions and consciousness, and how we hide in that creation. Essentially this work is about all of us and the empty, clear and unconditional nature of mind we all have. When we know the nature of our mind we will know the nature of our world.




My work is developed with the view that art has the capacity to infuse the experience of everyday life with awareness. Using my experience of passion, aggression and ignorance I delve into the discursive thought patterns and emotions that obscure the recognition of our basic nature of mind which is empty, lucid, all-accommodating space continuously awake and aware. I’m interested in persuading the viewer from the boundaries of the image, to engage with matters beyond what is immediately visible; to relate with who we are as deconstructed,un-created, i.e. more expansive and gentle than our usual descriptions of ourselves and how the culture defines us. Everything begins as thought,then manifests as a physical reality. We are not going to fix our world without healing the patterns of thought that are driving the world into its present state. By delving beneath the turbulence of thoughts we can uncover in ourselves “something” that we begin to realize lies behind all the discursiveness, changes, and deaths of the world. This is the most rebellious act of all imbued with social impact and non-conformism to actually glimpse,then realize the profound truth we all have.”
-Hildy Maze


I would like like to give sincere thanks to Hildy Maze for sharing her art works with KIRSTEINFINEART in today’s art feature.

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Collector’s Choice: Jessica Jenney

About Jessica Jenney

Jessica Jenney photographs the natural world with an emphasis on intimate landscapes with a romantic flair. The idyllic beauty of Jessica Jenney’s ethereal floral and landscape images transcends time and place. Jessica’s painterly treatment of her photographs creates tranquil and bucolic scenes reminiscent of the Romantic era painters.

In sharp contrast to her nature photography, her latest passion is capturing New York City and it’s architecture, in monochromatic tones and warm golden hues.

Her work is licensed with: PI Creative Art

Above, you see her photograph of the Flatiron Building with its distinctive triangular shape, designed by Chicago architect Daniel Burnham and built in 1902. It was allowed it to fill the wedge-shaped property located at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Broadway. The building was intended to serve as offices for the George A. Fuller Company, a major Chicago contracting firm. At 22 stories and 307 feet, the Flatiron was never the city’s tallest building, but always one of its most dramatic-looking, and its popularity with photographers and artists has made it an enduring symbol of New York for more than a century.

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Jessica Jenney’s black and white photographs of New York City’ s architecture present a haunting beauty of this grand city with all of its beautiful buildings and feats of engineering. In contrast, her floral photographs present bold to soft colored delicate petals and stamens, all with exquisite contrast, detail and texture. The unified vision of the artist remains constant throughout both groups of works through its implication of a Romantic perspective built upon the capture of grand movements, bold to subtle textures, dramatic perspectives and viewpoints and through the use of rich contrast. With her sensitive eye to detail, Jenny successfully and compellingly captures the heart and soul of the natural as well as the human-made world.

Janis Kirstein
















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