Collector’s Choice: Cameron Gray



About Cameron Gray

Cameron Gray lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. Known primarily as an emerging visionary graphic artist, Cameron has qualifications in Graphic Design, Photography, Multimedia Design, and Contemporary Arts, as well as a keen interest in new media, sculpture, jewelry making, painting, experimental video and sound design.



His influences and admirations include Troy Ruffels, David Ho, Ryan Larkin, Bill Viola, Ash Sivils, Janelle McKain, Simon Haiduk, Alex Grey, Amanda Sage, Justin Totemical, Android Jones and Pieter Bruegel to name a small selection.

In 2002, with little more than a curiosity for image making Cameron won the AGFA Australia award for best body of photography with his work at Launceston College. In 2003 his works were exhibited in Art Rage and published by the Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery and in 2005 Cameron was accepted into the guest gallery of the Museum Of Computer Art in New York.

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At the age of 21, Cameron published his first book of artwork (Parable Visions; the art of Cameron Gray) and to date has published four more books and collaborated with a range of international magazines, authors, musicians, film studios and independent publishers. He is the founder & editor of Parable Visions Magazine which features underground art and literature from around the world. (currently on hiatus)

In 2009 Cameron graduated from the Academy of the Arts, Tasmania, with a Bachelors Degree in Contemporary Art and was inducted as a life member into the Golden Key International Honour Society, for finishing in the top 15% of his studies at the University of Tasmania.

In 2010 Cameron was nominated for an ARIA Award (Australian Record Industry Association) along side Australian artists Birds of Tokyo, Angus & Julia Stone, Blue Juice, and Tame Impala in the category for Best Album Cover Art of the year for his work with Australian rock band Dead Letter Circus and Warner Music Australia.





His tools and equipment used include a 27″ iMac using but not limited to Photoshop, Bryce, Poser, Apophysis, Vue, a Wacom Tablet, Digital Microscope, a Pentax K20D and an Underwater modified HD video camera.


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Some selected collaborations include: Warner Music Australia, Warner Bros. Records USA, UNFD Records Australia, Sumerian Records USA, Nuclear Blast Records, Prosthetic Records, Good Fight Entertainment, Dead Letter Circus, Gemini Syndrome, Born of Osiris, Wintersun, Temple of Eden Gallery, Paradigm Shift, Sebastian Siegel (Actor/Producer), Eric Anderson (Director), David W. Rainoshek, M.A. (Author), Within The Ruins, Katana Productions (animation), Abstrakt Pictures (animation, music video), Century, Deligma, Thematic, Alpha Centauri, Declan O’Shea (Cyclefly/Mako), Esoterica, Circle of Contempt, Ginger, Dyonisis, Mantris, Farebridge, Jasper Faolan, Swivelhead, My Kingdom Records, Arctic.




Cameron’s work is regularly displayed in live music & arts festivals across the globe, the Museum of Computer Art in Brooklyn, New York, and his body of work has been selected for preservation by the National Library of Australia as one of the country’s best artists of the 21st century.


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Spirit of Sophia Rocks!

“The Spirit of Sophia embodies what I have been looking for my entire life: a community of women, fellow seekers on the path of enlightenment, sharing insight and awareness.” Janis Kirstein




Spirit of Sophia


To provide spiritual experiences that will help women to look deep within their authentic selves. To provide a sacred space for women as they connect and share their wisdom with one another.


Women will be empowered spiritually, therefore bringing strength and wisdom to their families and communities, resulting in a more compassionate world.


To create a sacred space that will be a haven, where women can come together to explore and strengthen their spirituality. To create a sacred space that will be an oasis, for women to feed their souls, as they journey on their spiritual paths.

A circle of women can provide a container for emergence in a way that a woman alone or even a one-to-one relationship cannot. Intimate relationships and even friendships can break or at least be greatly strained by life changes. But from the combined wisdom and energy of a small group of women who are committed to ‘hearing each other into speech,’ continuity and trust can develop that can be relied on over the long term. And, witnessing each person’s direct knowing of her truth, we can be empowered to live our own.” Page 23, The Feminine Face of God: The Unfolding of The Sacred in Women by Sherry Ruth Anderson & Patricia Hopkins, cc 1991

« Quote from Judith Duerk
“To discover who she is, a woman must trust the places of darkness where she can meet her own deepest nature and give it voice…weaving the threads of her life into a fabric to be named and given…sharing it with the women around her as she comes to a true and certain sense of herself.” Judith Duerk, Circle of Stones Woman’s Journey to Herself c 2004

“Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say. It’s the one and only thing you have to offer.” -Barbara Kingsolver

All of us go through the ups and downs of life, moving through life’s seasons and cycles. Often during these transitions – even the seemingly positive ones – we experience loss. Loss of direction, loss of self, loss of voice. The voice that we once had during one phase of life often gets lost during these transitions.




Join us in circle on April 16 for a day retreat at Valaterra that will offer the space and time for us, as women, to reflect on how we can find our voices during life’s transitions.

Our guides for the day, Laura Sullivan and Johanna Wint, will help us “find our voice” as they incorporate meditation, ritual, creative expression, and movement into an enriching experience of discovery.

Registration will be between 9:00 and 9:30 with coffee, tea, fruit, bagels and yogurt. Program will begin at 9:45 a.m. Lunch will be “brown bag”. There is a large refrigerator and a microwave if you need to warm something. We have listened to our surveys where many of you have requested “brown bag” lunches, so as to lower the fee. Retreat concludes at 4:00 p.m.

Early Bird cost: $55 Beginning April 11, Cost is $60


Johanna and Laura



image  Founder Dana Walker

After many conversations and visits with enlightened women of wisdom, my belief of the need for women to connect on their spiritual paths was confirmed. Spirit of Sophia’s first series of day retreats is titled “Finding Our Voice” and will consist of four day retreats – two this fall – and two in the spring. These retreats will be led by facilitators I have met through my own journey, who I believe have wisdom to share. The locations are selected due to the sacredness of the space. The content will be “experiential” in nature. Artistic expression will be incorporated in every retreat. The participants will be given the chance to give valuable feedback as to what – where – when – they would like future programs to take place.

You are invited to be a part of this exploration – this “evolving” of Spirit of Sophia.